Display issue in Sketchup Pro windows

I have an issue with Sketchup Pro where the windows display with a strange picture-in-picture anomaly (hard to explain in words, hopefully these screenshots can be viewed).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Am yet to hear back from logging a support ticket.

I think the last time I saw this come up it was fixed by a windows update of the persons computer.
Worth a try checking windows update and also check for a graphic card driver direct from Nvidia.
Could also be related to using a dock to add monitors. Do you have a Dock? Second monitor? Does it happen if you disconnect the dock/monitor?

Check what display scale you are set to. SketchUp can have layout issues if you’re above 150%. If the recommended scale is say 250%, look into how you can set the scale for individual applications, and try SketchUp set to 150%.

Thanks for the response and suggestions.

It seems the display scale may have resolved.

One of the monitors was set to 125%. Changed this to 100% and restarted Sketchup Pro and looked to display correctly.

Thanks again.

If you have multiple monitors of different resolutions and scales this happens in 2022.
If you move the affected window to the other display, then you may see it pop back to normal.

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