2024 Multiple Monitor Issue

I have a laptop and a connected 4k tv as my primary monitor. (The desktop is extended) When I launch Sketchup 2024 it opens on the laptop monitor (which is the secondary monitor). If I drag the welcome screen over to the primary monitor and click a file to open it opens the file on the secondary monitor. If I drag the open file back to the primary monitor and select a menu item it shows the menu on the secondary monitor while the file is on the primary monitor.
Layout does not have this issue. All my previous versions of Sketchup have never had any problems.
Any thoughts?

BTW…I LOVE the performance improvements in both Sketchup & Layout!

Have a look here

Ahhh… I see I am not alone! Thanks Box!

In some cases, When I click Extentions menu it pops on the 2nd monitor, keeping viewport visible. I’m not sure its a bug or feature, there’s something rational in it

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There was no use unplugging and reconnecting the monitor lines. There is no use installing new SketchUp

What are the pixel dimensions and scaling factors for the two screens? What is the arrangement of the two monitors? Meaning, is the 4k TV arranged to one side of the laptop screen, or arranged above the laptop screen?

I have a setup where I can duplicate whatever settings you are using, to then see if I get the same problem.

I have the 4k TV on the left. It is 3840 x 2160 (Native) and scaled to 125%.
The laptop is setup at the bottom right of the 4k TV and is 1980 x 1020 scaled to 100%.
The laptop is running an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070. Driver Version: 551.86
When I click on a menu item it pops up in the upper left corner of the laptop screen no matter which menu I am on.

Also if I set the laptop at the bottom left of the 4k TV the menus open in the top right of the laptop.

Hi, reporting the same problem on Asus zenbook duo.
And Also the extension manager dialog Windows would not apear its just gone somewhere or its not opening.
Thanks Miro

Same here!

My setup:
Left screen (#3) - Landscape - 2K 2560x1440 Scale 100%
Main screen (#2) - Landscape - 2K 2560x1440 Scale 100%
Right screen (#1) - Laptop i9 - 4k 2560x1600 Scale 150%
Bottom screen (#4) - USB monitor - 1k 1920x1080 scale 175%

SketchUp opens on the left screen all the tine (Even after repositioning and closing the main window)
All dropped down menus opens on the left screen, top right corner.
Right click menus also pop up on the left screen right on the right edge.

Layout work fine.

Already tried:

  • resetting the workspace
  • repairing the installation through the install file as administrator.
  • completely uninstalled and reinstalled

Tried to virtually rearrange and test SketchUp main menu:
setup 1: screen #3 to the right of the main #2, menu start popping up on the left top of the screen #3
setup 2: screen #3 below the main #2, menu start popping up horizontally, were they supposed to be, but at the top of the screen #3.

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Sorry, still getting use to the forum structure.
and trying to get answers to the problem that should not be there if Trimble would use decent level beta-testers instead of rising pricing for the product that is not even close to be ready.
This beautiful piece of … code cannot even work couple of hours without crushing during basic operations, without any plugins installed (tested on 7 computers. 5PCs, 2Macs).

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I have a Tower running Windows 11 with two monitors, and am running into the same issue, the monitor that is designated as “1” is the only one I can work in. If I work in monitor “2” sketchup crashes, has anyone had any luck finding out a timeline when a fix may be available?

I have a tower PC running windows 10. My profile has the rest of the machine specs. I have the dual monitor issue as well. Top menus appear on second screen when selected. Also, when SketchUp 3d drawing window is on the 2nd monitor, the line tool crashes the program and generates the bug splat window.

Never had this dual monitor issue until 2024 release.

This is a known bug, the SU developers are said to be working hard on it. Unfortunately, there is currently no proven solution, only a faint hint that a patch will be released soon (whatever it means), which some people believe it might be good.

same here for ASUS.

I have a 2023 ASUS DUO 16
NVIDIA 4090 mobile

Layout opens in the top (main) screen as expected.

Sketchup Studio opens in the lower screen and even after dragging the main work window to the upper screen, all dialogue boxes and pop-up windows only appear in the lower secondary display. Very odd and quite frustration because I am forced to mouse down to the lower screen to interact, close or otherwise select those windows and boxes.

Basically, Sketchup thinks that the secondary display is the primary display and no actions can get the app to be tricked into thinking otherwise.

Same for me. Sketchup 2022 perfect. Sketchup 2024