When there are two screens, SketchUp 2024 always does not appear on the main screen

After downloading the 2024.0.553 version from the official website and installing it, every time I open the SketchUp window, it is displayed on the non-primary display. Even though I drag it to the primary display screen to work, clicking on each top menu still remains on the non-primary display. Then, after closing the window on the primary display, the next time it opens on the non-primary display. This issue has been bothering me since the previous version of 2024, and I’m not sure if it’s just me who has encountered this problem.

You are not alone:

Unfortunately no solution yet.
They thought: patch will be released soon , but turned out not to be for this problem.

Okay, it seems that was a known issue. Thank you very much. Hope the official can fix it as soon as possible.

Here are my results:
I am using a 4060Ti graphics card in the company, with driver version 522.22 and installed version 2024.0.553. It can be used in dual screen mode without any problems and can be dragged to reside on the main screen.
I am using a 4090 graphics card at home with driver version 522.22 and installed version 2024.0.553, which cannot be kept on the main screen in dual screen mode.
And this situation should not be related to the signal connection line, because I brought the company’s two signal lines back home and still couldn’t keep the Su window on the main screen.
This has caused me to be confused and unable to use 2024 at home according to my own usage habits.

This is an issue on my laptop, too.
Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (GX650R with Ryzen 9 and Nvidia RTX 3080) and Win11.
Layout behaves normal, as the 2023 version of it did, but Sketchup Studio 2024 insists on open up in the lower, narrower display - and after moving Sketchup to the upper screen the drop down menus appears on the lower screen.
Quite unpractical, to be honest.