Dual Monitors... windows constantly jumping to middle of primary screen! HELP!


I’ve been using Sketchup Pro for years. I’m a renderer for an architecture firm. We’ve recently upgraded me to 2015. As soon as we did, my dialog boxes stopped behaving.

I have 2 monitors. I keep the main sketchup window open on my primary and all my other windows (such as layers, materials, info, soften, etc) open on my secondary monitor. However, now they constantly jump from my 2nd monitor to the center of my primary.

This happens when I save, saveas, open, new or sometimes just randomly. Insanely frustrating. Any insights?

I’ve reset the workspace. I have a template made and it’s was made using “my” setup. Nothing is working. Please, please tell me there is somebody out there than can help!


for avoiding negative screen coordinates the secondary monitor should be configured in the control panel of the video card to be placed right from the primary monitor regardless where it is placed physically.


True … Running dual monitors since SU 6 with no lost dialog issues.


Thank you both!

However, my primary is my left, secondary is my right.


And have you tried changing things a bit.

The old it’s always worked that way doesn’t always work in the computer age,

Reboot and reset the monitors, reset the workspace, etc


Confirm how the monitors are configured.

In older (XP) nVidia control panels there where ‘Display Mode’ settings

In Win 8.1 that function is handled by the OS via Control Panel > Display


I think that I’m good.


One image per post for me!


Same problem as MacKinght. None of the above solutions worked for me. What I finally found was, under control Panel in addition to Nvidia control panel there is also “NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager” the fix was there!

Running SU 15, Windows 7, NVIDIA nview 300series.

By the way Box, you are so right about constant change in compute code. Whirl is king!


Actually, not.
MidKnight is running an AMD GPU and you’re running nVidia.

nVidia’s nView Desktop Manager is an optional set of display management tools.

Some find it useful.
I found it rather cumbersome and unnecessary given the way Win 8.1 works with my dual monitors.


Some versions of Nview have completely messed up SketchUp OpenGL behaviour. I haven’t tried it lately but I prefer to keep it turned off.