SketchUp Pro 2020 latest update, able to select the template then minimises and never ends up loading

Hi there,

So after a long period of time of not using SketchUp, I had to update and login for licensing and etc. All is good. Open Sketchup, select any template or open any file, and sketchup is open but minimised. In the taskbar, it is one narrow rectangle labelled untitled and has crashed previously. I need to get this up and running. Please help ASAP!

Do you use multiple screens, it sounds like the window is opening full screen off screen.
Try this sequence, with the focus on SU (click the icon in the taskbar if necessary)
press alt and space together, then r
then alt and space again followed by m, then tap any arrow key and move the mouse around without clicking until the window comes into view.

I do! I have two monitors. This is exactly what the issue was! Thank you so much! Issue is no longer persistent!