Sketchup won't open unless reinstall after switching to small toolbar

I just got a brand new computer and SU has been working perfectly on it until recently. I’m not sure what exactly happened but after a certain point it doesn’t open after I choose a template. It will load every extension and toolbar but the screen will be blank and I’ll be stuck for an eternity. I uninstalled and reinstalled which fixed it, but as soon as I switch to small toolbars…close…reopen… it happens again. I don’t get a bugsplat just a nonstop not responding.

What graphic card is SketchUp using? Open SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback. Does that help?

does your profile accurately indicate the graphics card in the computer you are referring to?

Fast feedback is unchecked and I just update my profile with the current info. I’m on 2019 with RTX 2060.
I just want to make sure it’s clear that sketchup does work with large toolbars.

What’s the screen scaling set to? When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator?

I’m actually running from my laptop to my work docking station to two monitors. I didn’t right click and run as admin.

There have been other reports of issues related to multiple monitors and resolution differences. Try running SketchUp without the additional monitors. Shut the computer down completely before disconnecting and restart with only the built in display. Does SketchUp work with the small icons then?

Although with your latest revelation of the docking station and additional monitors, your installation of SketchUp is probably not related to the current problem, by not using Run as administrator you don’t have SketchUp installed correctly. You should repair the installation before proceeding by finding the installer and right clicking on it. Select Run as administrator and then, when presented with the options, choose Repair. Do this with your normal Windows login.

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Yeah so it seams to be working with the single screen. I’m pretty sure this solved the issue. Now that I know what the issue is I can get around it. Thanks Dave!

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