Sketchup Pro 2023.0.1 (windows) stability?

Hi folks

I’m holding my team off from updating to 2023 because of the large number of reports of bugs and issues (particularly with the interface).

I see the new Service pack is available but am unsure if that has fixed everything. I don’t have time to read and cross reference bug reports online with the changelog…

Can anyone give me an educated opinion on that?


I haven’t had an stability issues with SU2023.

same. I had the material bug on mac, and now it’s fixed.

edit: poorly formulated, it was late.

I meant “same as Dave, no particular stability issue on windows, on mac I did, but now it’s fixed”
However, I use a mostly vanilla version on windows, little to no extensions.

A few things are not fixed. Many things were though, and your team need not uninstall 2022, and could drop back to that version if one of the remaining issues stops them from working in 2023.