Sketch up 23, the worst version yet?

I have been a user since around 2005 and worked on macs since 2008, its never been an issue before but 23 is unworkable, extremely frustrating and the enjoyment of modelling on sketch up is no longer. I can only assume this version was rushed through with very little testing. The new icons are awful to work with, they do not select properly for example i select line and the previous icon still shows.


I have had no problems. And I found myself using the flip function a lot since it came out. My only gripe would be the icons for the modifier keys as they are a lot smaller and not overly descriptive of their function.

23 was installed for 10mins before I trashed it and returned to 22.
I too have been a user since the AtLast days and hope that 24 is going to be better, if not the 2 year support for warehouse etc is going to be a serious concern for anyone ‘choosing’ (forced) to stay with 22


I’ve been a long time user (since it was a Google product) and while I haven’t agreed with all their changes (like having to navigate to an icon instead of just right clicking and selecting “flip along…”) I have found SU to be my favorite CAD system. Others by the likes of Bently or Autodesk have just pumped too much into their software for their enterprise customers who have a few more dollars than I do.

I haven’t had any issue with selecting entities.

When using flip tool, you can activate it by a shortcut key, then use 3 arrow keys to flip along by 3 axes. It’s more quicker than using context menu.



I’m using 2022 just for stability, I have tried 2023 maybe 3 times and all three times it has crashed hard with Vray.

I’m not too fussed about interface stuff, it’s all much of a muchness to me.

Is 2023 more stable now with vray?



Could be indeed :wink:

Because of the many negative reports about SUP23, I also stayed with SUP22.
Curious about the amount of negative or positive feedback for SUP24, maybe I’ll finally switch to a newer version, who knows?

It will remain (one of) my favorite “rather affordable” 3D modeling tools!

PS SU7-SU17, even if they slow down during usage and may need to restart a couple of times during long modeling sessions, it still does it’s job for my personal usage.

Yes I know what you mean, I still think it’s my favourite ‘design software’ to use.

Just hope it can hang in there with competition.

Paring with Vray I think has been a good choice.

Vray, similar to Sketchup I think needs to focus on stability. Get it rock solid and then start adding bells and whistles.

People rip it out of Adobe, but honestly, in the last 3 years with my new comp, I can’t remember one time (one time!) it ever crashing.

For sketchup + vray, it’s at least daily… hmmm.

well apart from the recent color picker debacle on the Mac, SU 23.1 has been way better than any other version, mostly because of a better Layout experience. I dont know about the The Vray thing, but your post title suggests a more general discontent than that particular issue.

2024 has not been released yet, I don’t know if it will have many problems like 2023

I’ve been SU 2023 with Vray 6 for some months and I haven’t had any issues on windows or Mac.

I use windows 11 and MacOS Ventura.

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2023 is almost a year old and this point and following the point release, I’ve found it to be very stable.

Maintaining a PC system is hard - updates to your software and machine will fix problems, but as there will be new bugs and incompatibilities that come along at the same time.
So do you keep with old software and drivers with known issues or do you update and potentially have new ones?

I had a BIOS update from DELL sent via Windows Update to my machine a couple of weeks ago - there was a bug that made the CPU run at 60% of its normal speed!
Had to live with my machine running like a slug until they had found a way for me to be able to downgrade.

That one BIOS update actually updated the hardware of more than 5 different components of my machine - but there are countless other pieces of software and hardware that all interact with these in different ways.

A crash could occur anywhere on my computer because of any of the 100s of Sofware and hardware components that make up my computer not expecting something another thing is doing. On my computer alone there will be 100’s of thousands of possible conflicts that might occur!
It’s a miracle they work at all tbh :joy:

I am another victim of FBTC (falling between the cracks). I jumped into 2023 Sonoma as it shipped with a my new macbook air with its inbuilt silicon chip (M?)-- my old 2011 MacBook was unable to keep up with the newer software and extensions.
An ensuing nightmare emerged in attempting this combo. consistent crashes on start up. lots of extensions not opening despite paid subscriptions. and so on. Trimble tells me (kindly) that it’s my tough luck because they have not yet approved Sonoma for SU2023–and they offer no timeline as to when they will approve it, Yet Mac support tells me the I cannot down(/back?)grade to Ventura.
Now they are promoting Su 2024…
Really ? above one of us notes the were able to down/back grade to Ventura Others say it is not possible if your new mac shipped with OS Sonoma.
So I join the rest of uStill others are happy while others of us are just limping along with very frequent cashes (mine are right on startup). Saving every few minutes and hoping for some reprieve from Trimble or Mac .
What the way through this cul de sac ?

Well 2024 is no better, I updated to be back and it runs very poorly on my 16 inch MacBook PRO MAX M2.
New features have been added that no one needs.

It crashes my computer regularly and makes it restart itself. Never had this happen with any other program. Men M2 is the most stable computer I have ever had, when using other software.

Then there are the frustrations:

  • too expensive (paying a lot for nothing every year)
  • virtually no innovation or renewal
  • unstable (very frustrating)
  • slow with large files
  • the UI has been a disaster on Mac for years. If you compare this with, for example, Adobe or Apple software. It just doesn’t match the macosx UI. You have to constantly drag panels. The layering principle has always been so frustrating.
  • the fact that you can’t just grab something and specify exact dimensions or adjust a file element with correct dimensions…
  • the startup procedure is a disaster, I have to log in constantly.
    With 2-step verification enabled, this is very time-consuming.

I hope they pay a little more attention or this could be my last year with Sketch up.

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