Sketchup Pro 2017 is incredibly unstable!


Our company installed the “new” Sketchup Pro 2017 a few weeks ago, and so far, it has been incredibly unstable. The most unstable version so far. Right now we find it difficult to work normally. We are all experience the same errors, bugsplats, geometri distortions ect. We had no problems with the old 2016 version. What caused all of this? Is there an update/fix we are not familiar with? When we run a diagnostic on the system it looks like we have the newest version? I hope you can help?


SU v2017 implements a new graphics pipeline (advanced transparency etc.) which requires a reliable OpenGL v3.0+ suport. Therefore ensure to use the latest driver of the graphics card used.

Using extensions/plugins not being compatible with the Ruby version 2.2.4 used by SU v2017 e.g. by copying them from old program installations to the new version may lead to instabilities too. Therefore ensure to use recent versions compatible with SU v2017 only. For evaluation purposes you might want deactivate all extensions/plugins by disabling Ruby script.


We did not have the latest driver updated. We have just updated it, and already, it seems that it has had a positive effect on Sketchup. We keep our fingers crossed that it Works. Thank you verry much!


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