SU freezing when trying to customize tool bar

In Pro 2023, it hangs and I have to force quit when trying to customize the tool bar. This also just happened in Pro 2020, which I upgraded from just yesterday. While I had a number of extensions installed in 2020, that’s not the case (yet) in 2023.

I’m on a Mac Silicon laptop, I wonder if anyone else is having this issue?

I have the same issue on Macbook M1.

yeah so I answered here

when first installing it was ok, then it wasn’t. turn off all extensions, turn them back on group by group, it’ll help you either solve it or isolate the faulty one that makes everything crash.

Yea, this seems to be Trimble’s answer to everything. “It’s one of the extensions”, that without which SU wouldn’t be too useful (Nick Sonder’s methods notwithstanding). And, rather than provide a developer’s guide (I really don’t know if this is the case but suspect based on evidence) to the hero’s writing these extensions, they leave it to the end user to determine extension compatibility with the application, and other extensions.

Thing is, they could in theory force compatibility between extensions on the EW. although, they can’t force developers to come every year and confirm compatibility (people can change jobs, die, not care…)

But as soon as you factor the possibility of including external extensions, it’s over.
If tomorrow Fredo6 decides to make a new extension that will make SU crash if you install Solid Inspector, he can. and even if SU says “don’t install it”, who will listen ?
There are guidelines if you want to appear on the EW, and there is a team / person who will give you the green light. But you can also write your bits of code and put them on your myspace page, and in this case, how do you enforce anything ?

I think having to reinstall / do a bit of maintenance here and there is the price to pay for the open extension system.
I’m pretty sure I’ve had this problem this year because I (lazily) dumped the plugin folder from 22 to 23. it was bound to bug somewhere.

While it’s hard to disagree with anything you’ve said here, it still seems that there ought to be some overarching programming GUI consistencies. As per the EW, which I’m sure there are. That said, I use a lot of Fredo’s extension to good effect. I just think all the smart guys there in the SU team at Trimble should be able to figure this, with a lot of input from the developers.

Same problem here. And I just updated to SU 2023. I don’t have any extension installed yet.