SU Pro 2019 - consistent errors with Extensions

Hi all,
hope I am posting in the correct place.
I ordered the trial license version of the plug-in “Double Cut” which works well, however I am finding that the menu disappears and the plug-in will not function.
I remedy this, by going to Extension Manager and Disabling the plug-in, apply changes, exit and close the program.
Re-open the program, go back into Extension Manager, Enable the plug-in, apply changes, and the right mouse button menu for Double Cut, re-appears and the plug-in works fine for this session.
This behaviour has been like this more or less since a week ago when I installed the trial. Everyone might think it is the plug-in at fault, and I am in contact with the author who is very responsive, however, I am also losing Lumion Live sync toolbar from the top toolbars.

I can easily get it back, but going back into Toolbars and ticking the Lumion option again and it appeared back where I had it, but this is erratic e.g, not consistent behaviour.

I have had SU Pro 2017 and 2018 and in broad terms, i never had any problems with those versions nor with any plug-ins that I have had, so now I am thinking that there are some issues with SU Pro 2019, that for me, are rapidly becoming a roadblock to using the program.

Is anyone else having issues with either plug-ins, or Toolbar items going missing in ver 2019 please and additionally, do the techs at Trimble know if there are know issues with ver 2019 or a code change that can impact on the way plug-ins are made/implemented ?

thank you in advance

I having the same issues. I think I have isolated mine to 1001 bit tools. Emailed the developer yesterday so too early for a response yet.

The context menu disappears. Now knowing (and naming) that, it is easier to narrow down the problem.

An extension with a cursor tool can disable the context menu completely so that no context menu opens on right-click while the tool is active (but the context menu becomes available again when another tool is selected). This could be an intentional feature and would be predictable (always when this specific tool is selected).

Extensions can also register individual context menu items that will always appear when the context menu is opened. They can also define a condition on which the menu item is available (like when entities are selected).
A possibility is that a buggy extension causes that this condition of another extension raises an error, and the other extension’s menu item suddenly does not appear anymore.

One important thing to check as you are on windows, did you install using the ‘Right click on the downloaded .exe file and choose Run as Admin’ method?
Not installing this way has led to some strange behavior over the various versions, if you didn’t install this way, do so now and choose repair when the option is given. This won’t effect plugins or templates or anything like that, it just corrects any underlying issues.

Hi Aerilius,

Thanks – that make sense in the scheme of things.

I have Fredo corners, and animator, Skalp, north Point, Lumion LiveSync and Solid inspector 2.

None of those caused any issues whatsoever in versions 2017 or 2018, so my thinking is that installing 2019 is the change and marks a change in behaviour.

Double Cut is a new install and maybe it has an issue with 2019 not quite resolved, but it works really well and is integrated graphically/visually well with the menu, and I am keen to keep it.

For sure, it could be either or both, or part of a new build upgrade to code, sorry I have no skills in either area !

People at Double Cut are very supportive.

I hope more sage level, any level and SU support people see this post and comment

Thankyou for now.


Excellent – I am not alone.

Thanks you for replying.

Hi thanks.

I installed via the Extension Manager.

I did not check the file was Blocked, however, if had been it would not have unpacked, and otherwise, the Double Cut plug-in, works precisely as I hoped it would and need it to do for architecture/design/construction modelling and documents etc.

Can I ask that if I have only installed via Extension Manager, and all other plug-ins I have so far (very few really) have otherwise always functioned correctly on 2017 and 2018 versions, that your method while something I should look into, does not otherwise have the trial and error backing of successful installs using Extension Manager ?

I will look into your idea thanks you


I wasn’t referring to installing extensions, I was talking about Sketchup itself.

You should maybe disable all extensions and enable one-by-one (with testing in between) and narrow it down to a single extension that causes an error or a pair of extensions that have issues together.

Beg your pardon.

Yep, installed using Administrator duties and installed via that, so no restriction all good.


OK – that sounds sensible – will do


Being logged in as an admin isn’t the same as using the Run as Admin right click option, you should be logged in as a normal user then install using Run as Admin from the context menu.

Hah ! good news.

I will try uninstall then re-install – got nothing to lose right now.

Will not be available until mid next week tho, so will post back after that thank you again.

Hi Box.
OK, I un-installed Pro 2019 / Restart, then Run as Administrator on the install file and re-installed Pro 2019, re-boot etc.
It does seem to be error free right now after 3 days of use, so thank you for the tip.