SketchUp 2016 Crashing on Startup

Navigate to the following (Windows Error reporting) folder:


(You can paste this path into your file explorer address bar and hit ENTER.)

… with the list to show as “Details”, click the “Date modified” column heading (so the list to sorts with the most recent at the top.)

Then look for a subfolder who’s name begins “AppCrash_Sketchup.exe”, “AppHang_Sketchup.exe”, “NonCritical_Sketchup.exe”, “Critical_Sketchup.exe”, etc.
(The remainder of the folder name will be a GUID for the error report.)

Inside the folder will be a “Report.wer” file. You can zip up this file (or rename it to “Report.wer.txt”,) and post it here in this thread.

I will bet that it may be crashing in the Intel OpenGL driver, as I am also having this issue on one of my machines with HD4000 graphics. (Weirdly, another test machine with HD4400 graphics has no problem.)