SketchUp 2016 Crashing on Startup



SketchUp is crashing on startup. It was working this morning so something must have changed since then. I’ve looked at some of the other startup crash topics but I feel it might be faster to figure this out from the bugsplat reports, of which I’ve sent about 3 or 4 by now.

I’m running Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607 build# 14393.222) on an HP laptop. No dedicated graphics card, only an integrated Intel HD 4400. Any help would be very much appreciated, even if it’s just to look at the splat report and tell me what forum/topic I should look at for the solution.


The Trimble folks should chime in once they look at your BugSplats, but the Intel integrated graphics are known for issues with their OpenGL libraries and can cause SketchUp to crash (among other things).


I don’t think splats are made public unless you do so; have you checked restore point ??


Navigate to the following (Windows Error reporting) folder:


(You can paste this path into your file explorer address bar and hit ENTER.)

… with the list to show as “Details”, click the “Date modified” column heading (so the list to sorts with the most recent at the top.)

Then look for a subfolder who’s name begins “AppCrash_Sketchup.exe”, “AppHang_Sketchup.exe”, “NonCritical_Sketchup.exe”, “Critical_Sketchup.exe”, etc.
(The remainder of the folder name will be a GUID for the error report.)

Inside the folder will be a “Report.wer” file. You can zip up this file (or rename it to “Report.wer.txt”,) and post it here in this thread.

I will bet that it may be crashing in the Intel OpenGL driver, as I am also having this issue on one of my machines with HD4000 graphics. (Weirdly, another test machine with HD4400 graphics has no problem.)

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thanks, no wonder could not find with search:slight_smile:


I’ve been using sketchup for a long time now, but never had a crash or bug yet that wasn’t easily fixed, so my apologies if I seem new at the SU troubleshooting process. I navigated to the folder you suggested, but it wasn’t there… I could get all the way to:


… but that was as far as it would go, that folder was nearly empty, with only another (also empty) folder in it.

Maybe this will help though. I found this attached file where SketchUp told me to look last time a bugsplat happened, in C:\Users(MYUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\Temp (2.1 KB)


Oddly enough, SketchUp launched without a hitch this morning. I still really want to know why it crashed, and also would love to know why it’s working again… it crashed a good two dozen times yesterday so I was sure it would continue that way until something was done. It’s no longer urgent that I get an answer but I’d still like to know what to do if I run into that issue again someday in the future (or heaven forbid later today).


In SU, look at Window > Preferences > OpenGL. Is hardware acceleration enabled? Hardware acceleration depends on the graphics driver to provide OpenGL function calls required by SU. If hardware acceleration is not enabled, the CPU does all the work.


The undo log is dated today (US) and shows a good startup (but a lot of extensions loading.)

Try switching off those extensions you do not use. (Trimble Connect, Advanced Camera Tools, etc.)
Render extensions should only be on when rendering.

See if there is an update to your graphics driver. I am running version without issues on a i5 machine with HD4400 graphics.


Hi Andrew-

The crashes you got yesterday were all related to Twilight Render.

You’ve also had two crashes today - one related to some text you entered in the VCB for the rectangle tool, the other related to rendering a texture.



Thanks everyone, and thanks Marc for taking the mystery out of what was going on yesterday! I took Dan’s suggestion and have turned off a multitude of extensions that I use rarely, including twilight render. If that’s where the hangup was yesterday then it is possible that I may be far behind in updates for that, so I’ll see what the current version of that is, as that is my current rendering go-to.

All of you have been very helpful and I’m glad to know I have a great community ready to jump in and assist when help is needed, or things go wrong!


I navigated to the folder you suggested, but it wasn’t there… I could get all the way to:

If anyone looks at this in the future - I got this too when using the %LocalAppData% variable, but I found I was looking in the wrong folder. On windows 10 try this:

  1. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive
  2. Sort by date, then
  3. In the search box type *sketchup* (with asterisks)

Now you should have all the SU logs.


Well it has varied for various Windows versions:

But I believe that both places may be used.

On my Win 7 machine I have have both locations, but the reports are different.
Those reports caused by errors in applications or services running as the “System” user, are all in the %ProgramData% path, but those reports caused by errors in applications running with “User” permissions are all in the current user’s local application data (%LocalAppData%) path.

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