Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now


The window on the top left is Entity Info :frowning:.


One bar.


You guys sure have a LOT of extensions… Which are your favorites?

Favorite Extensions and Rendering Software

Here’s mine. I made two custom toolbars on the left side and left out most of the navigation tools because they aren’t needed as well as the text and dimension tools since I do that stuff in LayOut normally.
SketchUp 2015

And this shows the style and units settings I have set up for my template. Back face is a green color that is easy to see even when there’s only a few pixels of it in a hole. It’s also easier to differentiate from the shaded white faces than the blue gray default back color. I have a laptop at work which makes the shaded front face color look almost identical to the blue gray default color.
SketchUp 2015 Screen


As I’m rendering at the same time, my current SU screen is this.
Of course, this may or may not be what it looks like when modelling but, it will seem familiar. :wink:


However, as I’m rendering, my SU window is small than when modelling, to accommodate the render as well.

Full screen looks like:


I learned using SU on a computer with a quite small screen so the only dialogs I have opened are Components, Layers and Materials (Always in that order).

I try to keep the toolbars clean to not clutter down the UI. Some people recommend getting rid of all toolbars and only use shortcuts but I guess having a few makes the window feel a bit warmer and more like home to me.

Already a few tools in the advanced toolset are outside my laptop screen (walk around and section tool). It doesn’t really matter to me though since I’ve never really used walk tool anyway (eye tool + mouse wheel is so much easier to navigate with) and I have the full section toolbar open which also toggles section cut and plane visibility.

The 5 leftmost toolbars above the viewport are more or less the same between Sketchup versions and computers for me. Those to the right are usually for plugins I work on but sometimes include other toolbars as ThomThom’s solid inspector in this case (when I think of it I really should place that one further to the left and make sure to have their on all computers I use). Some times I have undocked toolbars but that really just when I have it temporary visible, e.g. when testing a new plugin or when a plugin’s toolbar is too large to be permanently open on my screen.

Whats that plugin call SubD

As simple as that:


My typical screen shot on last project. However can vary on type of project.
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I try to keep things tight-ish since I do a lot of work on a 13" laptop while on the train. The lappy has a touch screen so it’s useful to use the toolbars like buttons that I can poke while modeling for stuff like standard views. All of my modeling is geared towards 3D printing if that makes a difference. :slight_smile:


Both my work and home desktop setups. It may look confusing having my tools on the left at work and on the right at home but honestly It does not make much of a difference.


I’m using a dual monitor setup with the drawing area on the main monitor and all the windows on the other one.
Right now and here on this screenshot I’m working on a visualization for a production company selling pre-made cabins in Telemark, Norway.

My template and setup is mostly based on Michael Brightman’s suggestions in “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture”. I use keyboard shortcuts for most repetitive tasks, so I guess I don’t really need all those taskbars… :wink:
My business is in architecture and landscape architecture.



First I was using AutoCAD at school to create drawings but then I was curious about 3D models more than 2D but I was used to that black backround that AutoCAD has, that is what make me create the same look in SketchUp also I work a lot at night so it is much better to see black screen through all night than night.

Very often after creating model in SketchUp I than use Artlantis to create a whole vizualization also i create textures in Artlantis not SketchUp which leaves me witch bunch of funny coloured models so I could then set the textures.

However when I am creating posters at school I sometimes change backround to different colours just to create 2D image.

Anyway, SketchUp has been for me the easiest and the fastest way to create a 3D model a than work with it in Artlantis and Photoshop. It is very simple and quick also if you know how it doesnť have any limitations to what you want to create. In short everything is posible in SketchUp. :smile:





Here is mine. I use a lot of short-cut keys. Extensions include Skalp, BuildEdge Pro and ConDoc Tools.


Using dual screens. Main SketchUp window on the right, extra dialogue boxes on the left.



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