Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now


Dual monitors - main screen on the right. I’ve moved all of my production work to SketchUp for my architectural firm.


Here is my sketchup view.
I try to have just the extensions I use more often.




And here is Layout:


And VRay:




Here we go! I had my doubts about posting this as this is going to be a huge spoiler for my fans but still. :blush: Please, mind I use keyboard shortcuts all the time instead of icons that’s why my toolbar may appear smaller. You can check out the full work in the following links:
Behance -
YouTube -


Simmons and Company is working on this right now.



I’m currently set up for sheet metal fabrication creating custom paint booths. My client “sells” on the internet and fabricates these booths verifying the panel dimensions by the Sketchup model I produce. The end product is a Layout file of what we call assembly sheets to show the customer the assembly of the booth at his/her site.
I also produce architectural models and site development models for home owners and developers. I use Sketchup preparing exhibits of remodeling of homes and/or enhancements of homes for our HOA architectural board.


Repeating menus… I know! Even when all I use is shortcuts.


My screen, right now? Alright

When using Sketchup, I’m mainly developping these days. Hence the ruby console always open on my second monitor.
A few toolbars, nothing fancy.


Here is how I have my MacBook setup. When I have a monitor attached I move the main window to it and leave the tools on the laptop window


@DanRathbun, Are you using big icons? If so, may I ask why?

Why would you use big toolbar icons?


Here is my screenshot with my default template…



Hopefully this posts correctly. I’ve used Sketchup infrequently so prefer to have a basic setup. I’m sure there is a better/ more efficient way to draw with it than the way I use it, I just need to put some time in to reading the Help, etc. But I’m so impatient…



there you go…I would love the windows to auto-hide…maybe they do and I have not sussed it out yet?

I would love the dialog windows to auto-hide