Sketchup doesn't work properly

So my Sketchup is completely unusable right now because when I open any year of sketchup I just get this distorted display on my screen, and I can’t click on anything. If I jiggle around the screen size a bit I can get a clear and working screen and can interact with the default human model scale, but I can’t really resize it or anything because the HUD and layouts and everything are invisible, but I can interact with them. Anyone know what’s up?


Looks like a graphic card issue.

Btw, it’s easier to focus on what’s wrong with SketchUp if you don’t include AutoCad (or YouTube) in the screenshot. My first thought was “That’s not SketchUp”.


Try updating your graphics drivers from the manufacturer’s website rather than through Windows.

But it’s more likely that a Windows Update may have overwritten a previously working driver. Are you running Windows 10, or 7? Both have 64bit versions. Please update your profile.

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Looks as if you’ve got it working again. Glad to see that.

urgh sorry it’s not fixed yet, this was the follow up picture I had for the topic that shows what it looks like sometimes but none of the tools or options show up or anything. I had this sent as soon as my topic was made but I wasn’t allowed to put more than 1 picture in a post, and then for some reason my account was put on hold and I wasn’t able to reply or anything (very user-unfriendly forums system)

But yeah the problem is still there. I tried updating but I didn’t get it to work. If it really does sound/look like a graphics card issue then at least I know it’s a problem with my laptop and not the software so that helps

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