Whats that plugin call SubD


Great to know.

Can I know whats that plugin call SudD?

Thank you

Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now

Where did you see this plugin?



and here

it’s Thomas Thomassen new plugin
check out this


SubD is a plugin created by Thomas Thomassen, aka @thomthom. It’s still in development and you can see two videos on the youtube showing how it works.

Video 1 and Video 2


Soon! So very very soon! :grinning:


…I’m such an optimist… :confused:

Ok - it took longer, due to needed changes on the backend - but it’s finally out: http://evilsoftwareempire.com/subd/


here is a tutorial i put down, in case you want to learn something more about it. hope this can be useful…


And there is a great thread running over at SketchUcation with example models and images: http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=397&t=63826#p584845

(Probably need to be logged in to see them.)

Reposted a good number of them on the SUbD FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/SUbD4SketchUp/

More examples and videos can be found on the SUbD website: http://evilsoftwareempire.com/subd/