Whats that plugin call SubD

Great to know.

Can I know whats that plugin call SudD?

Thank you

Where did you see this plugin?


and here

it’s Thomas Thomassen new plugin
check out this

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SubD is a plugin created by Thomas Thomassen, aka @thomthom. It’s still in development and you can see two videos on the youtube showing how it works.

Video 1 and Video 2


Soon! So very very soon! :grinning:


…I’m such an optimist… :confused:

Ok - it took longer, due to needed changes on the backend - but it’s finally out: Parametric Subdivisions for SketchUp — SUbD


here is a tutorial i put down, in case you want to learn something more about it. hope this can be useful…

And there is a great thread running over at SketchUcation with example models and images: SubD examples and models • sketchUcation • 1

(Probably need to be logged in to see them.)

Reposted a good number of them on the SUbD FaceBook page: SUbD

More examples and videos can be found on the SUbD website: Parametric Subdivisions for SketchUp — SUbD