Best surface subdividing/smoothing extension

I’m familiar with the SUbD extension, but I have overrun it’s free trial time.

I’m contemplating buying the license, but I wanted to check first to see if there are any recommended extensions that better deal with subdividing and smoothing surfaces.

I always heard of quadface tools + SubD +vertex tools. They work good together. But let’s see what other people say because I just know a few extensions.

The only other option I know of is Arisan. It can be used to generate a similar end result.

I, personally, really like the control that I get from SubD + Quadface Tools + Vector Tools.

In actuality, either one is a great tools… The “best” one depends on the work you are doing and the way you like to work in SketchUp!


There are a lot of examples in these two topics that will give you a hint about the possibilities and the differences in the workflow of the two mentioned extensions …


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