extension with more than 30 tools

Hey all,

I’m curious to know what the community thinks of our new extension called SketchPlus. Our goal was to provide a large number of commonly used simple tools all in one package with a consistent SketchUp-like user experience, making it easier for professionals to manage their plugins.


In addition, we wanted to lower the barrier of entry into the world of extensions for new SketchUp users. The amount of extensions available is overwhelming and it takes time to research and learn about all of the options available. We thought that SketchPlus could help streamline this process for beginners.

We know there are some great free plugins from various developers that have similar functions to many of our tools but we hope to add some value by putting in extra efforts into the UI and user experience of the tools to make them feel that they are a natural extension to your existing SketchUp workflow. And by including them all into one ever-evolving and growing extension, the entire process of managing these commonly used tools will hopefully become much simpler!

Version 1 contains over 30 tools including:

Selection Filter
Lasso Select
Polygon Lasso Select
Deep Select Face
Selection Painter
Select All Instances
Select Previous / Select Next (Selection Memory)
Component Finder
Explode+ (Recursive Explode)
Change Axes+
Smart Array
Path Array
Replace Component+
Random Spin
Random Scale
Random Position
Drop+ (Drop objects on the surface below)
Move to Origin
Move to Z
Flatten to Ground
Sphere Tool
Cone Tool
Torus Tool
Make Faces+
Unpaint (all entities recursive, groups / components, or faces / edges)
Untag (all entities recursive, groups / components, or faces / edges)
Deep Paint Faces

SketchPlus is a (relatively low-cost) paid extension and there is also a free trial available.

You can learn more at the SketchPlus website below:

It would be great to hear your feedback on this! And also let us know which tools you think we should add to this product. Thanks!



I will definitely try this out when I get time.

It looks a bit like @curic4su’s Pie Menu in the way that it groups tools together, but that only uses existing tools and gives a means of quick access. Sadly, I have found it unstable on Mac and have had to disable it. But I like the fact that it is highly customisable. Is SketchPlus?

On a personal note, I have always missed dedicated Copy and Mirror commands. I can see you have a Mirror command (interestingly, I do use @curic4su’s Mirror command which works fine on Mac) but is Copy still a subset of the Move command?

Thanks for your interest! Version 1.0 of SketchPlus has limited customization options but there is the ability to turn off the toolbars that you don’t use as often. We may add more customization options in the future if that’s what our users want.

For the current version, we do not have a dedicated Copy command, but thanks for the suggestion!

Hi, Dale!

Making plugin available for SketchUp Make 2017 users it’s excellent… thank you!

  • Fillet (with preview) and Extend (for multiple edges)


  • Bridge edges (with loop select)


  • Isolate for Layers/Tags

One of these features is coming with Artisan 2, currently in development. I’ll let you guess which one :slight_smile:

The extend feature would be nice to add, and maybe the fillet as well. Thanks for your input!

(What do you mean ‘Isolate for Layers / Tags’?

at min 0:06

Loop select, probably.

I just installed SketchupPlus and afterward Curic Face Knife, but it seems that it can’t work alongside each other. Does anyone has the same problem?

Schermafbeelding 2021-09-14 101302

I can corroborate, the same thing happens here.

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:sleepy: Okay…sorry to hear. Curious what’s the cause of this.

yes, I’m very interested to hear an explanation from @curic4su. Appears to be a petty attack on SketchPlus and he’s only hurting his own users. Why? Because 5 out of the 30+ SketchPlus tools share some similar functionality with some with his free plugins, which also happen to have similarities with other historical plugins from other developers that predate curic?


I asked Curic for a reaction by mail why I got this error; “Not an error, just not support.”

It is not an error, but terror.


I’ve been in the process of making a series of my gifs on curic extensions for release on my pages. That won’t be happening now.

Edit: I’d very much like to know more about all this.


Curic has made a statement on Facebook explaining his thinking, but also stating he has removed this behavior and apologized for any inconvenience.