Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now


So how do I send you the image ?


Strange that I hadn’t noticed the upload button. Will try that now.


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Strange that I hadn’t noticed the upload button. Will try that now.
[/quote] I pasted the clipboard content into the “reply”-field. Fast!


I usually work with a dual monitor setup, but for this response I took a screen grab showing the primary monitor only to better illustrate how the screen is set up. When the dual monitor display is used the setup is essentially the same except that the boxes for Outlner, Scenes, Layers, etc shown here on the right will be on the primary screen along with any other reference program materials such as AutoCad .or Photoshop, while the SketchUp file will be displayed on the other larger screen…


I did try that, nothing happens.


Complete noob, but getting there.


Here you go…


This is SU Make 2015


This is me! :slight_smile:


And me @ layout!



My startup template with all my toolbars and windows shown how I typically use them




I am making diagrams for our entry in the 2016 Archipendium calendar.


Here’s Layout. I find that Layout really becomes counterproductive when I need to draw 2-d details. The 3-d information at the section or enlarged detail is to cumbersome. (first image) Perhaps someone can show me the way. Layout works best for presentations that are 1:48 or larger with a lot of arrows and notes. The files becomes very slow when there are a lot of detailed images. Also does zoom work in reverse to how everything else works on the Mac?


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Nice work!!! Which command did you use? Drape? Or did the information import already in 3D?


Here is my simple layout. i do mainly detail architecture drawings. so i only need the basics. :yum:



High frequency tools: Keyboard Shortcuts
Medium frequency tools: Toolbar
Low frequency tool: Menus

(On this particular machine I still have the Getting Started toolbar, but that’s mainly because I do video tutorials in which I need to be more visual about how I activate tools.) In my true working environment it’s probably just the Styles toolbar from the native set, the rest would be extensions.

Whats that plugin call SubD