My Favorite Models

Here’s a variation on a theme I’m calling Infinity House:

The front entry is flanked by “accent” walls in red tile, taking an interior design concept and applying it to the exterior.

Here you can see it’s connection to Infinity:

The geometric primitives in this one are the circle (or hexagon, as a rough approximation of a circle) and the trapezoid, which you can see surrounding the skylight as well as intersecting with the major circular structures.

The Left side view from above:

And the view from the back:

I haven’t bothered to lay out the grounds on this one, though I envision twin patios in back. Nor have I added a garage / car port so far…

Having done some of these more recent models, I can understand why Frank Lloyd Wright designed most of the furnishings for his houses, and why much of it is built-in. Odd angles really limit the possible arrangements, and standard rectangular furniture may not always work. So FLW figured out a good arrangement / solution and provided it with the house.