My Favorite Models

Here are a couple of models I put together pretty quickly over the holidays…

Albers Pannekoeken

Pannekoeken is the Dutch word for ‘pancakes’, and this is a restaurant which serves Dutch pancakes. (BTW, the name ‘Albers’ is an Americanized form of ‘Aalbers’, the name of a famous Dutch architect.)

Front Right Isometric View:

The form of the building itself serves to promote what the business has to offer…

Front Entry:

The interior has rich colors and rich wood furnishings, for a more updated look and a nicer ambience than the competition. High clerestory windows bring in more natural light.

Dining Room:

The space is encompassed by booths and tables for the guests. (A table or two could be added in the center of each room.)


Three stove workspaces, two ovens and two sinks should allow ample space for cooking and clean-up.

… and …

Winders Waffles

This is a restaurant which serves Belgian waffles. (BTW, ‘Winders’ is the name of a famous Belgian architect.)

Front View:

Again, the façade of the building promotes the menu…

Front Entry:

The coffered ceilings also reflect the shape of these waffles.

Dining Room:

The atmosphere is casual, but still communicates quality…

Hungry yet???


I am a fan of a waffle house made of waffles, and a pancake house made of pancakes. Too much fun :slight_smile:

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Over the past several months, I have been pursuing several different ideas. So I have had a number of projects in progress but finishing none of them.

So now I finally have one complete project to present here.

In the foothills of the Appalachian highlands, I propose…

Zephyr Mountain

This view from the north shows the three structures embedded in a hilly area surrounded by nature. Each structure is identical, and is rounded in form to fit in more with the organic environment while still offering a contrast between the natural structures and the human-built ones. The lines of the windows reflect the flow of the winds over the hills.

View from the East

Placing the structures at varying elevations allows for unimpeded views of the environment.

  • View from the West*

Each of the three structures is referenced by the trees that are found around it:

Piney Glen Area

Dogwood Grove

In this view we can see the entry to the below-ground parking, which was designed to preserve as much of the natural setting as possible.

Oak Knob

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Here is another one of my recent experiments…

An Ode to a Bygone Era - the Office Park

As so many office towers in the US now have high vacancies, I find it doubtful that more office parks like this will be built for the foreseeable future. But I wanted to experiement with a couple of facade ideas.

Here we have 7 office towers, with a hotel in the middle. The spiraling facade is white to provide aesthetic interest while reducing heat-gain.

View from Above the Front Entry

On each side there are ramps down to the lower-level parking under the site. The hotel facade in the center is similar to the others, while still maintaining its own unique identity.

Front Right Isometric View

Above ground parking on each side is available for visitors to both the hotel and the offices.

On several of the lower roofs are cafes, where workers can grab lunch and, on nice days, even eat outside.

View from Above

The centerpiece of the spacious courtyard is a fountain.

Courtyard View

View into the Courtyard from Parking

Here is another one of my recent experiments… actually, it is based on a rough design I came up with years ago.

Athenian Towers

View from the North

Eleven levels of standard apartments rise above the commercial area on the ground level. The towers are topped off with 4 levels of luxury penthouses in various configurations.

North West Isometric View

The Penthouse levels feature balconies with great views. And the two towers are connected by sky bridges at the mid- and upper-levels.

View from the West

The main entrance is between the two towers, and is served by guest parking on both sides. Resident parking is kept underground, in order to allow for more greenery on the site.

View from the West

A variety of trees surround the towers, including cypress trees, to enhance the classic Mediterranean feel of the site.

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My most recent house design… Cabin 7.

Top View:

The shape of the structure is based on a series of 7-sided polygons.

Front-Left Isometric View:

The siding consists of vertical, weathered wood slats. The 2nd-story deck off the master bedroom along with the window detailing is in ash.

Front View:

The roofing of both the second level and the garage consists of stepped shapes and includes clerestory windows for abundant natural lighting. The front windows have embedded stained-glass designs which reflect the shapes of the home itself.

Right-side View:

Another view of the clerestory windows. Here also the ornate front door is visible.

Back-Right Isometric View:

The back patio is flanked by evergreen shrubs, which tie in with the tall evergreen trees on the edges of the property.

Chinese Style Door - Ping Y.
Low poly 3D tree bush - Max Achkovsky
Hydrangea - JBeasley
Sketchup trees collection_02_tree_23 - SketchUp

Another house design, based on rotated hexagons:

Introducing the Baker House

Top View

Street View

The lower level is clad in brick; the upper level in wood siding. Clerestory windows all around provide abundant natural lighting. The garage roof supports a deck for outdoor entertaining.

Front-Right Isometric View

Here is a closer look at the spacious deck. The 2-car garage below has two separate doors, each set at an angle with respect to the actual direction of entry, as indicated by the driveway.

Right Side View

The second level of the house has double clerestory windows, which allow for interesting and constantly changing light patterns in that space.

Back-Right Isometric View

Rear View

Left Side View

The two bathrooms on the first level have randomly-spaced textured glass bricks, allowing for natural light to enter, while still protecting the privacy of anyone within.

Front View

Lower Level Entry Hall

The private spaces are on the lower level, allowing the public spaces to occupy the upper level, where more expansive views are available.

Ascending the Stairs

A glimpse of the upper floor is visible at the top of the stairs, but the enclosing walls restrict the view to heighten the drama of emerging at the top.

Living Room

This level is very open and airy. Wood-paneled walls contrast with the bright white ceiling, and keep the natural light from becoming overwhelming.

Dining Room

To the right of the dining area is a small bathroom.


Beech wood cabinetry coordinates with the window trim.


The patio doors open wide to allow for unobstructed access between the kitchen and the deck.

Entertainment Zone

Cozy furniture surrounds the wall-mounted screen.