My Favorite Models


A Dream of Interplanetary Travel

Here is a short video of a model I made recently. I’m posting it here to commemorate the launching of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy scheduled for tomorrow, February 6, 2018.

A Dream of Interplanetary Travel-HD

A Dream of Interplanetary Travel-Mobile-friendly

I’m just doing this for a hobby, as a creative outlet. I haven’t done anything with rendering plug-ins (yet). I just wanted to express the idea.

Fredo6 deserves a shout out for his Animator extension. Very useful, though a bit tricky to use. Fortunately, he was very patient in helping me figure this out.



I can’t get the videos to play sorry!


Does it work for you now?


Yep nice work well thought out!


Here is a model I made, based on Mayan designs I found online. I actually got the idea from a tour of the ruins of Tulum in the Yucatan. There are many beautiful resorts on the Caribbean coast, but the many local people who work there live in towns that don’t seem to reflect the grandeur of their heritage. So I dreamed up an alternative:

El Mundo Maya - HD Video
El Mundo Maya - Mobile-friendly Video

It’s actually a model of models. Several of the structures were modeled individually, then combined together in the model of the overall development. In order to make this workable (due to size / complexity constraints), I had to create images of the building facades from the individual models, then replace a lot of the detail with the images. A nice side-effect of this was that these textures were rendered better than the actual detail when viewed at a larger scale.

There are lots of little things I would do differently, if I were to start over. But I feel that this expresses the concept well, and I’m pretty happy with how it worked out.


Here’s an Asian seaside resort concept I put together (just for fun):

I would want it to be sustainable & provide a good environment for the employees as well as the guests. It’s based on the Chinese character for ‘hope’, so I call it Hope Plaza.


More residential concepts…


In the following view, you can better see the variation in tower design:


Here is a house concept that I built up to learn how to start from a floor plan:


Here is my dream house! :smile: Just don’t know what part of the country to put it in!

Click here to see MP4 video (74MB)

As with some of the other models shown above, I was unable to find all the names for those who deserve credit for their pieces. Many of these models were actually put together several years ago, but I am now going back & working on presentation. Changes to 3D Warehouse have caused some of the components made by others to no longer be available.


Last week my dream house… this week my dream boat!

Click here to see MP4 video (86MB)

The idea behind SWATH hull design is to have a lot of stability in the water while reducing drag. Someday I hope increased solar power efficiency enables the replacement of diesel engines with electric ones!