Make your Livestream Model suggestions!

Just like the title, post your idea (and a picture) below. One suggestion per post maybe.

the Butter Bot from Rick and Morty

Aeg V2 Gear Box


How about modelling an airbrush? Iwata are the top brand.!
I have a Iwata Eclipse CS.

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hi Guys ,

For a Group Project , we Could try the Satelite Network in Geo-Storm ?

I’d like to see a live modelling of something from nature. An animal or similar. We have seen lots of man made models, squares, curves, spheres, bolts, spaceships, the tardis, etc etc, but how about something more organic?
I model dairy farms, so obviously a cow would work for me.


Maybe a nice outdoor gas grill, with all the parts assembled. It’s BBQ season!

Why stop with the grill? How about the deck or patio?


You already modeled a castle, didn‘t you? How about a castle ruin?

Here is some inspiration:

My selfish request:

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I cleaned it up a bit, and made it more resolutiony.

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The Sagrada Familia
Designed by Antoni Gaudi
Construction started in March 1882 and is expected to be completed by 2026

Exterior View


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Or St Pauls Cathedral, London, - maybe easier than the Gaudi

I would LOVE to see how you model an architectural drawing set of a house and use the grading plan to conceptualize it. All of which Im sure I could send you.

So I like @TheOnlyAaron 's new branding in the live stream as “The Sketchup Guy” but I feel we need to give it some emphasis in a live stream. Kind of like on the “Blues Brothers” when they announce the musicians.
On trombone, we have Tom “Bones” Malone!
So Arron would be - On the 3D Mouse we have Aaron “The Sketchup Guy” Dietzen.
Then of course he would have to live model a musical instrument from the Blues Brother Band for his face me component.

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I didn’t see a bicycle modeled yet over here. I guess you could choose to make a full suspension Enduro bike or a simple BMX. It would be cool to learn how to do all the intricate tube bending and chain and sprocket plus tires and seat, with organic forms.

The PK Ripper is one of the most classic BMX racing bikes still in production–kJPnAnaKPgLIivrBsEhoCnr8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

thank you. I’ve been bing watching those.




How about this for the next live stream? Very organic building for a change

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