What would you like to see modeled?


You asked for more live modeling and we’ve heard you. In a few weeks, I’ll be live modeling something awesome on Twitch.

The question: what would make the most epic live model? Below are some of our top thoughts. Please take a second or two to vote for your favorite (or leave any new ideas in the comments).

Poll will close the morning of Tuesday, January 22nd!

  • Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)
  • The Great Hall (Harry Potter)
  • Delorean Time Machine (Back to the Future)
  • Saruman’s Tower (Lord of the Rings)

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Does it have to be one of those four things? I was thinking you could model in detail something like Augustus Pugin’s St. Giles’ Church. :smiley:


Perhaps the whole of Cheadle?


@Colin, that would be even better. :smiley:


The DeLorean, please. Specifically, the BTTF3 version with the railroad wheels! :grinning:


I’d like to see some straightforward use of vanilla tools in such a way as to show what is possible.
Seeing how to construct the underlying ribs of a Gothic cathedral without resorting to plugins would teach so much, and is in keeping with the reality of the actual buildings. The drawings were carved into the stone so successive generations knew what to build.
So to me it would be nice to see mathematically correct constructions that could weather the tests of time.


I am all for using native tools, as much as possible! I will commit to using native tools as often as is possible during this effort… of course… once the vanilla workflow has been thoroughly covered, it might be fun to throw some sprinkles into the workflow.


Sorry, I wasn’t making that a challenge, just talking through my hat.
I know how hard it is to use plugins and fancy tricks when you are working live.


I don’t know how to vote; none of the four bars or other bits of the original post seem to be active components according to the Safari browser (I may never have tried to interact with a Discourse poll prior to today).

Those are all extremely ambitious subjects, so I presume the goal would be to represent the basic shape and a few coarse bits and pieces. Some other subjects that have intrinsically simple geometry might allow nearly-complete modeling in a short amount of time, such as the Galileo7 shuttlecraft from Star Trek (The Original Series), or even the original NCC-1701 USS Enterprise.


Ha! Not a challenge in a bad way! As I said, I tend to work through basic commands as much as I can and lean on extensions when I don’t have a good way to model with native tools.


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I think there may be an issue with your poll, I’m seeing vote bars and haven’t voted.


I don’t think I voted, and it’s not likely someone else on my behalf. The hide-results button is gray and inactive for me.


Is that better?


You need an ‘Other’ or don’t give a etc


Yes! Thanks, I voted just now.


The Mars lander could be done in half a hour or so…:thinking:


DeLorean please!


As ever, it starts with a simple block:

What about creating a template for this system, and build the logo: