What would you like to see modeled?


I voted for Millennium Falcon with the hope you’ll introduce into that modeling workflow a terrain as background, like in this picture from the trailer. For creating the terrain, of course, the textured part as well (UVmapping). :wink:
Thanks in advance, Aaron!


What is the correct Twich channel?


That’s our neighbouring office, the black gullet!


Also trending:



Woah! Slow things down, man! I don’t want to spend ALL DAY modeling this thing! :wink:


I am planning to remove my last suggestion, when I am confronted with the resemblance:


Ouch! Ok… I will add you to the list of potential models…


Just don’t shave :bearded_person:


DeLoren Time Machine please !


We will be streaming on our channel, SketchUp_Official


I voted for the great hall. Don’t forget the floating candles… It makes it magical.


Thx @TheOnlyAaron. I guess Twitch is new for you? Can you put the link in the title and let people follow you. I will host you when your comming online. If you need help in the channe or mods, let me know. I like to help if you need it :slight_smile:


*edit, nvm just saw it posted above!
cool, what’s your twitch channel?


If all goes well you will be able to catch us on SketchUp_Official


When will this be and on what twitch channel? (link in mail to twitch doesn’t work)

ps, please include time zone


Fun fact. I have had correspondence years ago with Andrew Probert https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Probert who designed the DeLorean time machine for the movie. He’s a fellow SketchUp user.

He also did work on the Enterprise for Star Trek: The Next Generation


I too voted for the DeLorean because, as a friend of my sister and (now ex) brother-in-law, I got to know Ron Cobb and see him from time to time in the late '80’s and early '90’s. Watching him work showed me that talent is more important than the computer. He’s a fabulous cartoonist, and artist with traditional media, and an early adopter of painting and animation applications on the Mac, possibly because of my brother-in-law, who also was the main influence on me getting my first Mac in 1985. Ron was the one who got me using a Wacom tablet when the were first introduced (1993 IIRC). Go to his website, and scroll down the Film portfolio, and you can see a hand sketch of his for the DeLorean concept. On his art page, I recognize a few paintings from way back. One in particular, “Bad Day in Honolulu,” showing the moon colliding with the earth, was painted in Pixel Paint which was an 8 bit, indexed color painting program. He only had a 256 color palette to paint the thing.


I went for the great Hall as I think it provides you with the most scope for variety in methods. Except for the Church of course!


Mike, I love your sense of Humor. Why even the color is perfect. I’ve know Mr. Potato Head, How about “Mr. Egg Head” with all the accessories. Noses, ears, eyes, etc…



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