What should we model on Friday?

So many of you may know that we stream a live modeling session every Friday at Noon (Mountain time) on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch (if you don’t, you should come and check it out this week!).

The question to you; What should we model?

We are looking for ideas that can be completed in 3 - 3.5 hours of modeling. Ideas from past streams have included a bus, Ironman’s helmet, a pirate ship, a steam engine, and a deck. Let us know if there is something that you think would make a good Friday afternoon model!

How about a BBQ grill for your deck? With some ribs and sweet corn on it. :smiley:


A surfboard to get to Dave’s barbecue, because I am sure it is on a nice island. A surfboard has lots of varying thicknesses. widths, changing curves and radius. I made one in wood about 5 years ago from a really bad very incomplete sketch up model. Made it over sized and shaped and fared in the curves by hand, using my eye as a guide. Actually lots of fun to make but would like to see how to get a model done correctly.

Maybe I’ll suggest a pet project I’ve thought of doing, but probably won’t because I always have something more important to model first: A Bell 47G3 Helicopter, an example of which hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Here’s the backstory: I first learned to draft with T-Square and triangles for a science fair project in 6th grade. That would be 1967~68 which was two years before the movie MAS*H came out, and 4 years before the T.V. show made this helicopter a common sight to a mass audience. For me it was an earlier show, Whirlybirds, that got me interested in them.

I enlarged plans from an 8 1/2" x 11" three view drawing sent to me by Bell, and then scratch built a model. The person who taught me to draft was my mother, who was in the first class of women to attend Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she studied with and worked for Marcel Breuer.

Here’s the three view drawing:

And here’s what’s left of that 51 year old model:

I can supply I higher resolution scan of the three view drawing, if needed.

Bell 47 fan site.


A midsommarstång of course! On Friday is midsommar! It’s almost as big as jul!

How about a set piece from one of my favorite films. The challenge here is with Tim Burton’s skewing of architectural elements.



Nerf gun,
You have done exact modeling from blue prints, inspired modeling from pirate ship photos,
Now you could reverse engineer a nerd gun from the office, disassemble it to get exact measurements. (One less gun to shoot you during a live session)
Then 3d print it so you will have one to defend yourself with.


Hey @TheOnlyAaron, Would love to see the train from back to the future 3 modelled one Friday.

I really enjoy each of the sessions, always end up picking up a handy little tip each week.


Radial array?

@TheOnlyAaron, a little help from your friends.

Fret Distances

Hi Aron,
What about a bulldozer (CAT D11) - all those complicated track links, I know cos I’m strugling to draw one.
Thanks from the UK in advance.

what I’d really like to see…


  • drop your LEGO LIVE…


tears and all…


I was going to explain fret distances to Aaron this morning. Must do that soon…

Thanks all! Despite the requirement for mathing, I got fret distance down!

EDIT: and thanks to @colin I also have a cheatsheet!

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Slight spoiler, but I tested my cheat sheet. It seems close enough. I have the model if you want to save five minutes of tedious move-tooling.

@colin! Are you suggesting I CHEAT on my live model?!?!?! For shame!! :wink:

I knew that you wouldn’t cheat! Just testing…

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How about the Vessel structure that is in hudson yards NY?

The Eiffel Tower