What would you like to see modeled?

ooooh. Context. How little we consider a model’s surroundings. Good call!

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I am currently building that one at the moment between work!

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Say this just a few moments ago. Hope not too late.

I love to see, a HO/N rail track system with arc/bow’s components with dynamic components to create blocks/segments signals and with power supply/ ohm measurements to check at some points how much power is still there or needed. Did build a train road with 45 meters of N track but it was a long, long, long long time before I even finished drawing.

And it looks like we have a winner!!

Guess I need to spend a little time getting familiar with the Falcon. Hopefully many of you will be able to join us for some of the stream SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE.

I will post specifics as soon as I have them.

Thanks for the votes!


I wasn’t able to join the live stream, but I look forward to seeing the video once it’s posted. How was the experience?

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Sorry… Due to some hardware issues (an over zealous firewall to be specific) we were unable to stream on Monday. We are hoping that we can get the issue rectified, ASAP, and be up and streaming alter this week. We will let everyone know here and on our social channels as soon as we are good to go!


I hope this problem resolved as quickly as possible ^^

Me too!!

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Looks like we have overcome (some of) our technical issues!

We are able to stream and will be going live on Friday at 1:00 MST.

Check us out on Twitch!


Good news

I can’t wait!

Thanking you here too. I always enjoy your lessons and learn a lot too.

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Thanks @TheOnlyAaron, that was a lot of work.

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Yes, thanks to @TheOnlyAaron. I couldn’t comment, because I hadn’t “signed up”, but I watched what I could. While it might seem vulnerable and possibly embarrassing to work without a net like that, it is reassuring to see someone else go through the same kind of stream-of-conciousness debates while modeling that I go through.


Hi all! Thank you so much to everyone who swung by to catch the stream! Let us know if you think it would be something we should do as a recurring event!

Thanks again!


I think it’s important to finish the M. Falcon at least.

What about trying a master class later, without mentioning basic functions of tools?


I missed it while trying to get the battery charged in my car so it would start. Darned cold weather!

That might have been the biggest lesson I learned. And I agree, I’ve had clients over my shoulder whilst doing revisions.


That was fun ,i hope you make another stream : p
I LOVE that lol

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Here is the challenge; “a following exercise”! Two circles apart, different diameters, parallel to each other. Then a compound curve pinned at its ends to the periphery of each circle. Follow circles to generate a complex compound curve! Thank you.