I made a render for fun today


I’ve been having a lot of fun with MSPhysics lately and felt like making something. This room is what I came up with. This was made in a few hours - a half day. I used the 3D Warehouse for the computer, pencil, and toast. I modeled everything else.

Underground City Design (Non-commercial Collaborative Project)

I made some gummy bears today.


I thought up a skate park obstacle today. It’s a 1’-3" tall by 30’ long galvanized metal guardrail on a bridge. The downhill part is 6’ long with a mellow 2 in 12 slope. It’s designed for intermediate skateboarders & above and should provide hours of fun. It was important to me to add in nature, shade, and stained concrete accents to make the park a pleasant environment to skate in. My end goal is to complete the skate park, but I’m not sure when I’ll finish it. Anyways, I figured I’d share a render.


I 3D modeled this skateboarding full pipe filled with shiny spheres. There’re 20.1 million polygons, so it’s getting pretty laggy. But it ended up working out.

Download the model here:


Nice work ^^


Thank you!


Indoor Skatepark
Concrete waves inspired by sand dunes