I made a render for fun today



Minimalist bathroom

Toilet, laundry, storage



Bath & shower controls

Motion-activated sink



Are these Christmas balls same price as the ones that @Box “has for sale”?


They’re not for sale. I’m just a hobbyist. Box designed it. I just felt like modeling it. :grinning:


I give you… the storf. It’s a combination of a straw, fork, and (butter) knife. I’ve never seen one before, so maybe it’s a new invention! Not sure…


I 3D modeled this snowflake.

Here’s the subdivision proxy:

Here’s a level 2 subdivision:

Here’s my model I made. I included the proxy and a 1st level subdivision. Feel free to have fun with it. :+1:
Model.skp (1.6 MB)


Aliens invade Earth to spread Christmas cheer while dressed up as snowmen


They urge you to have your Christmas lists ready for their hyper-industrialized alien nation to handle


This is awesome! Which Renderer did you use?


Thank you! I use Twilight Render V2 (the free hobby version) for all my renders.