I made a render for fun today



Minimalist bathroom

Toilet, laundry, storage



Bath & shower controls

Motion-activated sink



Are these Christmas balls same price as the ones that @Box “has for sale”?


They’re not for sale. I’m just a hobbyist. Box designed it. I just felt like modeling it. :grinning:


I give you… the storf. It’s a combination of a straw, fork, and (butter) knife. I’ve never seen one before, so maybe it’s a new invention! Not sure…


I 3D modeled this snowflake.

Here’s the subdivision proxy:

Here’s a level 2 subdivision:

Here’s my model I made. I included the proxy and a 1st level subdivision. Feel free to have fun with it. :+1:
Model.skp (1.6 MB)


Aliens invade Earth to spread Christmas cheer while dressed up as snowmen


They urge you to have your Christmas lists ready for their hyper-industrialized alien nation to handle


This is awesome! Which Renderer did you use?


Thank you! I use Twilight Render V2 (the free hobby version) for all my renders.


5-0 Grind

I modeled everything in SketchUp, except the skateboarder was from MakeHuman and was posed in Blender. And the plants were from the 3D Warehouse. The scene was made in one sitting.






House inspired by Gundams



Stealth nature house

House Exterior

Small shoulder-width entrance with log door to prevent animals from coming inside

Remove the log to find the entrance

Interior (4’ ceilings, insect screens cover entrances, flashlights/lamps attached to ceiling, camping stove for heat & food, sleeping bag, backpack)

Rain doesn’t flow into cave

The cave’s interior also sheds water. Since heat rises, the elevated center area holds heat. The ceiling is about 4’ thick which is around r-12 insulation from dirt. The r-value goes up if it’s under a tree because wood has a higher r-value. Having two entrances gives two egress passages and also doubles as ventilation.


I designed this skate park today. It’s a street-style skate park that caters to the skill level of the average skater.

Park Sign

Parking Lot

Bike Trail Passes Park Entrance

Park Entrance Down Stairs

Short Pole Jam

Tall Pole Jam

2 Stair, Hubbas, Handrail, Shade Structure

2 Stair Hubba

3 Stair Handrail

Grind-able Polished Concrete Banks and Ledges

Polished Concrete Bench, Curb, and Planter Gap Ledge

Planter Gap Ledge

Manual Pad & Curb with Coping

Waterfront Skate Park

Download the model here (click the 3D Warehouse icon):


Darn you’re getting good at this! Nice work.


Thank you for the compliment!


I felt like drawing something artistic today and ended up making an interior design concept for a bathroom.


Desert Artifact
Render time: 39 minutes :disappointed_relieved:

P.S. If you see plants in my renders, then you can assume I got it from the 3D Warehouse. Unless, I state otherwise.