Finish this House Entries

Please post links to the 3D Warehouse post of your entry. If you like you can post one or two images (renders, screencaps, etc…) with your 3D Warehouse link. Please post questions or comments on the contest in THIS TOPIC. Let’s keep this thread nice and clean and just a list of awesome models!

This is my entry to the contest.
I decided to treat it as a speed modelling exercise so I gave myself one hour. I think I went a few minutes over.
I’ll maybe do the interior (oops- just read the rules) and re-upload later.

Helicopter from 3D warehouse (blades modified by me) by Eldar R
Rigid Inflatable from 3D warehouse by Tom Milburn Designs.
Thanks for your great models!


That is an amazingly creative model! I never would have thought of rotating the landscape and shell on that axis. It looks like something right out of a James Bond movie, a perfect secret lair for planning or maybe a luxurious getaway for the main characters after the adventure. Seeing creativity like this makes me very happy.


Here is my first entry of many as I fully plan on working on this each week until you all stop doing this! Lots of “blocked out” geometry still so tune in the following Friday after this and thanks for checking it out.

Only thing I can’t remember if I personally modeled is the kitchen sink and faucet otherwise everything else created in the past few days or pulled from older personal projects (appliances). Scenes are set up to guide you.

Exterior Shot:

First Floor:
Second Floor:
Attic (probably maintenance room for solar panels going in here, maybe gray-water collection too):

I have no idea how to “embed” the model… link to it below should work.


Nice models! One outside the box, another showing how a traditional style is developed.

Hi there ! I have no architect background, but I tried anyhow :slight_smile:


Nice one Remi. Looking great!

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I love all the new entries! Choosing a favorite was easy when there was only one entry but now it is so much more difficult! The SketchUp community really has so many talented individuals in it.

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Ooh, that’s nice. And naughty, too!

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Hi all!

This is our take on the chalenge.

A place to enjoy nature and space. Each floor is a different experience, you need to go through the ladscape to enjoy the diferent ambients. We decided to work with a land on the Frank Lloyd Wright Galesburg Country Homes project and make it a proposal of a place to do nothing (enjoy architecture light and color)

@ayudaeficiencia-MapOut-Finish this House Entries.skp (694.1 KB)


From My 7 year old grandson he has been playing with Sketch Up for 2 years. He’s very excited to be part of the competition He builds his own houses and building. He uses my components an some he makes or finds in the warehouse. He also knows how to use my styles.
He has close to 200 models which he puts in a town he built. picture attached. Once I showed him how to do multiple copy he went right to skyscrapers.


Lovely to see the next generations of Sketchuppers doing such creative work.
Don’t forget to link to the model in the 3D warehouse.


Hi all,
I’ve posted an updated cliff face house to the 3D Warehouse.
It now has interior walls, some furniture and most importantly, hand rails!
I couldn’t get the file to embed like some clever people. Any idea how that’s done?
It’s great to see the other entries coming in. The competition is hotting up!


Normally it should be enough to paste the 3DWarehouse link to your model in the reply.

I’m new to this how do I link to the 3D warehouse?

!!! such an amazing place to live in !!

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Hello !
My workflow was to
. save!
. “publish model to trimble connect” icon, inside sketchup
. “Open trimble connect on the web icon”, inside sketchup
. find the model in my folders, inside your browser,
. in the model entity, you can choose to share it. In the pop up, you’ll find a way to copy the brand new link :slight_smile:
Let us know if that was clear enough :s
Have a good day!

View the model in a browser and copy the URL. You could either paste that in on its own, or click the link icon while you are replying, and paste the URL into that box.


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I love the chameleon colour effect on the elevation opposite the stairs!
I think your builder might have something to say about getting the whole structure to hover off the ground.

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Thank You Jonodrs! If fact it has pillars inside. luckily for both of us, the budged won´t be an issue. :joy:

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