Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!

Now that the madness of 3D Basecamp is over, let’s get back to modeling.

This challenge is going to be a fun one. In a nutshell, we’re asking you to bring out your inner kid and design your own one-room wonderland. Remember the hours spent dreaming about your dream world? What did it look like? Now’s your chance to show it.

Keep in mind that “one room” is open to interpretation :wink: That one room could be a closet, a garage, or a warehouse. So long as the room is closed, it counts. No size restrictions, no limits to your creativity; just keep us inside.

Here’s the catch: we also want to see your rendering skills. Use any renderer you want, but we’re judging this based on your modeling abilities and rendering skills. We won’t be judging these on hyper-realism, but instead, your ability to paint a picture of your dream scene.

Feel free to get as creative as you want. We’re judging this based on both your solid modeling skills and your imagination.

What’s in it for you?

Winning model: 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, SketchUp swag, bragging rights, and your model printed and hung as art in the SketchUp office!

How to enter:

  1. Upload your pre-rendered SketchUp model to 3D Warehouse and tag it with the hashtag #insidewonderland
  2. Submit the 3D Warehouse model link and rendered image(s) to the submissions forum thread. No more than 3 rendered images per model.
  3. Voting will take place after December 10, 2018

Details and Rules:

  • Model(s) must be created from scratch in SketchUp only
  • Adding environments / backgrounds is not required but strongly encouraged
  • You must add your model(s) to 3D Warehouse and tag it with the hashtag “#insidewonderland” to be considered
  • Up to three entries per modeler
  • The model(s) must be completed, uploaded to 3D Warehouse, and submitted to the forum by December 7, 2018
  • Winner will be contacted at the email address listed on your 3D Warehouse or forum account
  • Judging is based on both solid modeling and creativity. The judging will be done by the SketchUp team.

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary
  • SketchUp 3D Modeling Challenge starts on November 2, 2018 and runs through December 7, 2018
  • No more than three entries per individual
  • Prizes include 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, SketchUp swag, winning model printed and hung as art. No alternative prizes available
  • Models must be uploaded to 3D Warehouse and tagged #insidewonderland to be considered
  • The winner will be contacted via email by December 21, 2018
  • By entering this competition, participants have accepted and agreed to these conditions
  • Sponsor: Trimble, Inc. 935 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Questions? Ask them here.


How strictly are you inclined to enforce the single enclosed space clause?

The reason I ask is that one of my dreams revolving around my intended tiny home village living is a common house that is mostly one large room: Community Kitchen separated by a breakfast bar from a dining/living/event space. Visually, it will feel like one large space. But there are other spaces beyond this including:

  • Outdoor cooking area with grille, wood fired oven, sink, and a bit of prep space adjacent to an outdoor living area that, in good weather, will integrate with the indoor one large room by opening many doors.
  • Laundry room - well insulated for sound but opens into the one large indoor room so we can socialize with our neighbors while doing laundry.
  • Media “nook” which can be closed off for sound isolation, but will also open up for special occasions when far more people than usual will want to consume media (primarily TV) together like the World Cup final, World Series, Super Bowl, Election Night, etc.

Should I detail just the one big room, and model the rest as “background” just to place it in context?

Another question: Should I decide to complete my already started #InsideWonderland entry, I’ve already made a dynamic component that’s a series of bar stools in a line - # and spacing defined through Component Options. I started it with a model of a single bar stool that I got from the 3D warehouse. I modified it to reduce the polygon count, duplicate itself (per Component Options), and swivel randomly on redraw (so they don’t look identical, even when all lined up.) – Would this violate the “No downloading from the 3D warehouse or other 3D modeling libraries” rule?

I think Caroline wants the renders to be from inside the room. But if you modeled the exterior of your tiny house, so you can see the grill and stuff through the window, then I think that’d follow the rules. That’s my interpretation of the rules anyways…

I’m really excited about this challenge. They are so cool. I can’t wait to see all the awesome submissions.

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I like that idea: Render the interior so that my outdoor features are included through doors and windows!

But I have to correct one misconception: What I would be modeling is not my tiny house! I’d be modelling the community building intended to help unify a group of people living in tiny homes into a coherent tiny home village! So while my tiny home might appear in this, it (along with other tiny homes) would appear through doors and windows - viewed from the community building!

All of this, of course, assumes that I’ll make a submission. It’s a lot of modeling for me - I’m just a hobbyist with a full time job - and I’ve NEVER done anything with rendering. Still thinking about whether to make the effort.

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I like the idea of a community building in a tiny house village.

Twilight Render V2 hobby version is a great free rendering engine.

Here’s Twilight’s quick start guide:

If you have any questions you can ask this forum or the twilight forum. There are lots of tutorial there too. Twilight Render User Forum - Index page

Here’s a link to a texture site where they give you 15 free downloads everyday once you sign up.

For my 3 entries, I’m considering an indoor skate park in a warehouse, a restaurant design, and a living area. Wish me luck…

P.S. @Caroline How many renders per entry is allowed? For a warehouse skatepark I’d like to do a few renders, so I can show the entire design.

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We’ll call it “loosely enforced.” If everything makes sense and feels like a cohesive space, we’ll count it.

And thanks for bringing up the “no 3D Warehouse” rule. We’re going to remove that clause for this challenge, so yes, feel free to use what you’ve already started.

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Good luck! These sound like awesome ideas.

You can submit 3 renders per entry, if you’d like to show different views.

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@Caroline How strict are you about using props from the 3d warehouse for decoration purposes? Example a glass of water on a table. Would it have to be done by scratch?

Also, are the textures and background images to be made by scratch too, or we may use reference images and non commercial/commercial textures as we wish?

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Yes, I removed the clause about finding things in 3D Warehouse. Feel free to do that if you like! You can use references images too.

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Thank you for allowing us to submit three renders per entry! I designed this 4-piece couch for one of my entries. Each piece is 11’ x 4’ x 4’-5". I designed it to give ample back support and to be big enough to use as a bed too. Each flat part is 7’-4" long, so it’s more than enough room to lay down on. The seats are 1’-5" off the ground, so it’s high enough to sit on comfortably. And each backrest is 3’-4" long, so it supports the entire head & neck. It’s definitely oversized, but it’s my dream to have a couch that big. Regarding the room, I’m still in the brainstorming stage though.


Does this limit the use of my 3D Warehouse models? I was thinking I might build an indoor room containing one of my already existing trains?

Hey Cameron! You can use your 3D Warehouse models. We just want to ensure that the models are created in SketchUp; not in another design software.

I think a simple resolution to this question would be to give links to any warehouse models of your own that you use so they can be seen to be created by you. If you feel you need to use other people’s models you should give them credit and links so they can be acknowledged… Then the judges can impartially access your contribution to the final aesthetic and structural results.

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I figured I’d share some preliminary renders of my dream room.

Hot tub

TV cave

Library & hammock



Was thinking to share my work in progress so far. This project is a futuristic apartmant that could be the interior of anything starting from yacht, spaceship, hotel or a futuristic apartment building. I will include a living room, kitchen, dining area, bar/party area, hall, and will be all open but each part still private for itself. For bedroom and bathroom I’ll just put a door and we’ll all pretend there is a bathroom and bedroom there since this is one-room challenge and not the entire apartment, still wanted to include all the other stuff (kitchen, livingroom, dining area etc…) since everything is open, so technically it’s still one-room. Furniture and more details on the walls, ceiling and floors will be added, this is just a basic shape so far…


Wow, the detail here is awesome! What rendering software are you using? Sidebar: how did you get the sky look that way?

I’m not sure what method he used, but you can use an HDRI panorama for a spherical skymap in twilight render V2. Here’s a link to some free ones.

Edit: And for the lens flare, you can find a free transparent lens flare image in a search engine, then overlay it in an image editing program.

P.S. Wow! Your design is amazing!

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Forestr, this is great info. I actually just come across Twilight Render yesterday and have been getting to know how to use it. Thanks for link, I’ll keep digging into it!

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I used Lumion 8. I increased cloud to somewhere in the middle, set the sun down and increased it almost full to get a brighter lens flare. I also used Lumion’s ‘‘Interior’’ effect preset.

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I made this room for fun today. I downloaded a plant, but modeled the rest of the stuff.