Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!

Hi Caroline!
I just had a simple question; are these designs supposed to be child friendly, like a child’s dream “wonderland” room? Or an adult version of the “wonderland” designed for adults?
Thanks! I’m just making sure if I should include the fort (if it is intended to be a child’s room).

Your call, Brian! Just note that if you do go “adult” to keep it a PG “adult wonderland” :wink:

…and, personally, I would be ok with an adult wonderland with a fort!

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Great, thanks!

Nice- who wouldn’t love a big couch? Would it be possible for the seat to shrink in case you want to sit up, rather than lay back?

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No, but you could sit on the edge. I like sitting with my feet up anyways because it’s really comfortable.


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Do we need SketchUp Pro to enter or can we use SketchUp Make?

As long as it is made in SketchUp, we aren’t too worried about the specific version!

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Hi! I’m new in the forums and I wanna join the contest. I’m thinking of creating woodlands-indoors. I want a forest inside a house, but since Sketchup trees are too heavy and my model is already 650MB, would it be possible to render my images in Lumion using the vegetations available there? :slight_smile: thanks thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t see why that would be a problem. One of the members above also said he used Lumion to render. Of course the associates at SketchUp will let you know for sure. As long as the room is modeled and has a good design! Maybe in the meantime you can place some 2d png trees when you load the model to the warehouse at least if you are concerned :robot:

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My read on it is that you could render in any renderer (including Lumion) but the model itself must be modeled in “Sketchup Only”… by using the assets in Lumion may be a breach of the rules and the vegetation therein wouldn’t upload to the 3D warehouse as Lumion doesn’t export its stuff?


I will try to render an all Sketchup entry then :smiley: if my computer can handle the process. :smile: Thanks thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds right, but you may want to get the “official” word on this before you shift gears, as this is just my interpretation of the rules.

Yeah! I already rendered my entry in Lumion ready for display but I will try to make one from an all Sketchup render, just in case. :smile:

650 mb is huge for a workable sketchup model generally.
But more to the point, as mentioned in the rules, you need to be able to upload your model to the 3dwarehouse for it to be considered for the competition. Unless it has changed very recently, 50 mb is the maximum 3d Warehouse will upload. So you have to lose 600mb from your model.
The competition outline is for well constructed and imaginative models. Therefore the ability to model efficiently while poking your imagination’s envelope is quite an important aspect of the challenge. Randomly generating a huge model by dumping overblown components into it for rendering may not be the best way to go. But I’m not a judge, so who knows what works.

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Yep. I actually didn’t know that the warehouse has a max size limit, I tried uploading it yesterday and it does :smiley: . So I am actually gonna change my plan since I can’t upload my file in the 3dwarehouse :smiley: to show, since I’m going to change plans, this was supposed to be my entry! :smiley: I’m going to do a Harry Potter room now :laughing:


Thanks for sharing these Challenges.
If our team @ FlatPyramid would come with any challenges then will let you know.

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Great, now I’m worried you guys are all going to show up last minute with awesome models. :worried:

By the way, I had to delete pretty much all of the cool furniture I downloaded from the 3d warehouse and all the accessories like books, etc., in order to load my model into the Warehouse. I also changed the tree to a low poly version.

Hey all! We are closing in on the close date for this challenge! Get your entires in!

Remember, each entry should be a single post with up to 3 renders and a link to your file on 3DWH!

Looking forward to exploring your wonderlands!