Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!


A rendering I decided not to use for my second entry.


If you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind attempting a render for your model. Just send me the link and I can do a few for you. I’d enjoy it. Let me know. As long as if you win I get the mouse. Haha. I really want it.


Sorry, but I haven’t found the time to flesh out the model, other events in my life have intervened.


Alright :space_invader: :+1:


Wait a minute… What if I don’t have a renderer to use? (Where I’ll have to use SketchUp’s native styles to finish my images?) Is that legal?


This is a rendering challenge… no renderer means you might have to sit this one out!



I should probably go find a free trial somewhere… Any recommendations??


Twilight Hobby is free and do-able in the short time you have left :wink:


That was easier than I expected, but I’m going to need to put a lot of thought into which trains I want to put in my room. :grimacing:


I believe Vray offers a 30 day trial as well. If you’re a student, you can even rent it at a discounted rate!


So, twilight seems to be pretty good. This is what I have for my first real render ever. I think it’s pretty good for never having ever done a rendered image in my entire life…

One issue is that the brick texture won’t show up on the walls, but that is the least of my concerns…


Wow! Nice render! Twilight also has antialiasing render settings to smooth out those shadows. :+1:
Render Preset > Advanced > Alternative_AA> choose any setting with ultra
The standard through ultra refers to the amount of antialiasing.

Try the pre-render checklist to solve the brick problem.


This is my Official Entry for the #insidewonderland Challenge.

The Slytherin Pad is a replica of the Slytherin Common House in Harry Potter, solely because I am a big fan of the movie series and because the sorting hat in a Harry Potter Website said i belong to the Slytherin House so–

Originally, I was to submit the entire model but I ended up only submitting only the living room because I thought it would be more safe given that the challenge required only ‘a room’, I built the entire model inside an old badminton court, techincally its inside a room. but I will only submit the Living Room :smiley:

So- I have the model in at 3dwarehouse but I took off the heavy stuff, cause Its too heavy for upload.


Hope you like it, and I Hope I qualify for the challenge :smiley:


Awesome train. My dad used to work for Amtrak. Santa Fe before that. I used to LOVE taking the train across country or even up the coast. Especially the dining cars and observation decks.


It isn’t really appropriate to play with others models during a competition.


:sunglasses: it’s ok, i actally like it. i actually wanted to render in more sunlight, just had to time to re redo the renders :smile:


Just to be clear.
So if I produced a rendering of your model that looked better, you wouldn’t mind that it influenced the judges and made them think less of your render?


I would actually love it if you did that. Then I would ask you all your secrets that I need to learn. Please do if possible. I definitely will keep in mind what you said though. I guess I wasn’t thinking. I really can’t wait to see your renderings though. Thanks


I’m not entering the competition, or rendering any other models.
I just wanted to point out why in a competition situation it is inappropriate as it can affect the outcome of the competition.
Under normal circumstances if someone posts a model then there is no reason not to display your version.
But not as part of any situation where a prize is up for grabs.


:+1: thanks again