Finish this House Challenge!

Hey SketchUp community! We have a challenge for you: design a building from a 3D model we’ve shared in 3D Warehouse.

Click here to go directly to the 3DWarehouse page.

This collection of shapes will be your starting point – they represent the exterior walls of your building. The challenge is to create a unique building from the shell provided. Allow your creative juices to flow and finish the project however you like, without getting rid of the initial walls. Make it something special!

Before you get started, be sure to review the rules and requirements below.

Building Shell Challenge Rules and Requirements

  1. Don’t move or remove the initial walls: You are not allowed to change the position of the initial walls at all. The goal is to take the shell and make something with it.

  2. Get creative: You are allowed to add ANYTHING else, including openings, details, materials, a roof, patio or deck. Do whatever you want as long as you don’t change the initial walls.

  3. Building type: Your building can be whatever you want. If the shell is calling out to you for something unique, go for it!

  4. Style: You can use any style or theme you want for your submission.

  5. Interior required: please include an interior of your building.

  6. Extensions: You are welcome to use any extensions and any 3D Warehouse models you like.

  7. No purchase necessary: This challenge is open to any and all SketchUp users including free users.

  8. Submission: To enter, post your completed model to 3D Warehouse and link to it in the Finish My House Entry topic in the Gallery. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRIES INTO THIS TOPIC. If you like, an image or two can accompany your post, but a 3D Warehouse link MUST be included.

Entries will be reviewed on a weekly basis for the next few weeks on our live streams! Creators of the top entries will be asked to call into a Friday live stream to walk us through their model!



Can I rotate the shell?
Yes, but we don’t know why you would need to. There is no front or back of the shell so you really should not need to. If for some reason you see a need to rotate the shell, you are welcome to do so.

Can I scale the shell up/down?
No. That would be changing the initial shell and that is not allowed.

Can I add doors and windows to the initial walls?
Yes. Just don’t move the initial walls or add additional exterior walls. Doors and windows are practically required for a functional building so add as many as you want.

Do I need to do an interior?
Yes. It does not have to be detailed but part of making a functional building requires an interior layout. The goal here is to make a functional building of some kind. While a fully 3D interior is preferred, If you just want to do a 2D floor plan that is fine too.

Can I add a basement?
No. While that would be very cool, that counts as adding new exterior walls and is not allowed. You are welcome to bury part of the shell though and build it into the side of a hill or create a hobbit hole-esque model. Just make sure not to alter the initial walls as you are doing it.

Can I add a foundation?
Yes, but do be careful as you add it to preserve the initial walls. Any distortion to the initial walls are not allowed.

Do I need to do landscaping?
No, but even a simple landscape can add a lot to a property so we do recommend at least doing something simple. You do not have to use the entire lot provided in the file either. The initial lot is there to make it easier for individuals that do not have access to Sandbox tools as creating a grid to work from can be annoying otherwise.

Can I do a rooftop space?
Yes. You are not adding additional walls so this is allowed… If you want to get some extra space for your design this would be a great way to do it.

Can I add a deck or patio?
Yes. There are technically no walls being added so feel free to add them should you desire. Just be careful to preserve the initial walls.

Can I make a roof?
Yes. A roof is a welcome addition to the building. If you are particularly creative, you might even be able to get some additional space for your building with an attic. Skylights are also welcome as part of a roof. The entire roofing process is the biggest grey area of the challenge as you may end up dramatically altering the look of the shell as you add your roof. If you have questions about if your roof is okay to use or not please feel free to post in this topic to ask us. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Where is the building located?
Anywhere you want! You can decide where you want to put it so if you want a quiet and cozy winter cabin or an open plan beach party house, go for it! Again, we ask that you keep your design grounded in reality as much as possible, but if you think the shell is calling out to be a Mars base or something equally fantastic, go for it.

Is there a theme for this challenge?
Nope! Your model can be anything you want, in any style you want. We are hoping to get a bunch of radically different entries that are as diverse as our community! We want to see the creativity of everyone really shine!

Is there a size limit to my file?
Technically no, but if a file runs smoothly that is a plus. We are all working from home right now so we don’t exactly have access to our office workstation hardware at the moment. While we would prefer for files to be uploadable to the 3D Warehouse, if your model requires a bit more space and has to be uploaded as multiple files, we won’t disqualify you.

Is there a prize?
The designers of the best entries will be invited onto Friday livestreams to talk about their designs. We are planning on doing one each week for the foreseeable future.

When is the deadline for submissions?
We do not currently have a deadline for submissions as we are planning on featuring one submission a week for the foreseeable future. The more submissions we get the longer we will feature submissions. The first submission we review is planned for April 24th.


How do I find the shell file?

Click on the 3DWarehouse link in the original post.

Yes ! Love it ! I will not sleep for days now.

Can you “Win the prize” each week if you keep building upon the model? That way it can more naturally turn from a 4 day deadline (doable but who wants to compromise on creativity!?) into an 11 day etc…etc… until your “final week of submittal” when we crown the king/queen of the known universe?

First Question: Does implementing something to the idea of a screened-in porch count towards “adding walls”? Non-conditioned space and all ?

We will indeed be running the contest for several weeks so you can have multiple weeks to work if you need them.

In regards to your question, adding something like a screened in porch is fine. It is not technically an exterior wall so by all means, go for it!

Yeah uh that will be about $5.00/SF :grinning:

Hi everyon, I hope you and your family are safe.
can i add fance or anything around the shell or landscape?

You sure can!

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Good afternoon,

Hope you’re keeping safe and well from home.

Just wanted know if the extra small extrusions on each floor can be maneuvered or used as a roof?

I guess, yes!

You are absolutely correct. You can add anything you want to the model and use what is in there in any way you want. The challenge here is not to adjust the walls and to make something out of them.

Is enlarging the house allowed, provided I do not change the original walls?

In case it is, could i add a room beside or on top of the house?


Good question! As stated, you can’t change the initial walls, this includes enlarging them. They represent the outer walls of the building so no adding to them with more exterior walls. That means that adding additional exterior walls to create additional space is not allowed.

You can add other things though like half high walls, screened in porches, decks and roofs. If you are a bit clever as you add a roof, you can get some extra space via an attic or rooftop space.

Can I add exterior buildings? (things like garages, sheds, etc.)

Absolutely! Feel free to add a garage, shed, or anything else that you might want to add. Just make sure that any additional buildings are not attached to the existing shell.

Such a great idea! Looking forward to seeing the weekly winning entries on the tube! Hope to participate if I can find the time too! Have fun all!