Finish this House Challenge!

Cool! I’m in :slight_smile:

I just saw this post, and today is April 24th, can I still participate?

Yes you can!

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I noticed there were no rules for the interior walls… so I made them spheres. :smirk:


To reiterate.


It’s not an entry.

@CaseyG Question: Entries so far have doors or windows. Does that mean although you can’t move, scale, or change the exterior, you can create holes in it?

Yes. You can add any openings. Totally required basically if you want to have a usable dwelling of any type.

You are correct. You are allowed to create as many holes as you want but the walls must remain where they are and you can’t add additional walls to the outside.

Is there a requirement that humans must be able to inhabit it? For example, floors must be able to support a human. Must there must be a place to prepare food, bathrooms, etc.? In other words, is it actually a “House” or a shape that is “house-like”, but not from our world, dimension, physics, etc.?

I posted in the entry thread but my reply was detected as spam, assume its cause I posted before completing account set-up. Didnt want to post again in case of a duplicate

Got it fixed!

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Great question mmarcovitch! Strictly speaking you don’t need to make it a house. If you want to make an office or a community center or even an art installation (like Meow Wolf) you are welcome to do so. With that in mind, you don’t need to be able to live there but people do need to be able to navigate it. If you want to create something for a species other than humans (maybe a hobbit or goblin or some kind of alien) that is fine too.

As for structural concerns, like ensuring a floor is strong enough to support people, you can use any material you want, including fictional super materials so feel free to get creative. The whole goal here is to make something that not only showcases your skills with SketchUp but showcases your unique and special style.

Just don’t change the initial walls as you are getting your creative process going.

There’s some Z-fighting going on between the floor and terrain. How can we fix the issue without being disqualified?

Great question LeoVlad! The terrain is just there to help people on the web version who are not able to use the Sandbox tools to create a grid to work with. You can do whatever you want with the terrain and that includes erasing the terrain you don’t want, moving the terrain up or down or doing anything else you might want to do.


Hi guys,

I am ready to upload and post but I ran into a big problem: the size limit at the 3DW is 50Mb but my model has 150Mb (I tend to model in minute detail).

What should I do? Reducing the model’s size will never reach the limit.

Alas! That is a part of the requirement! Time to start paring down the model and swap smaller entourage in! Having the model able to upload to 3DWH was an intentional requirement partially because it would set a limit on the size of the models!

You can do it Edson!!

OK. I will do that for the upload but will take the images from my big model.

I am too used to designing in 3D in a way that all that goes in the building goes into the model: this way I can extract construction drawings from them.

TheOnlyAaron, I only just now learned about this, it is May 1st, it looks like I already missed one model review, can I still get in on the contest? Is recreating the original model allowed? I think I will leave the original geometry untouched as its own component and then design to it, so I maintain a reference to ensure I don’t accidentally change anything.
Thanks, Skeeter

I have uploaded my model but I do not know how to link it to the other topic. Can one extract an URL from the 3DW?

Edit: I found it. Sorry!