#Winterblues Your 3D Models

Share us your most beautiful sketchup creation for the Winterblues contest!

-not hesitate to help other by giving us our little tips!
…I specify that my English is not very good, sorry for the mistakes.

here is my 3d model, say what you think!


here is the rest of my model 3D

Voili voilou,your turn and thanks to those who will participate!:relaxed:


Here is mine WIP


nice futuristic car, there is other screen?

Are you asking for more pictures?

I do not say no :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking good! I am planning on giving it a go the week after next!

Your 3D modeling skills are amazing!

Thank you ^^

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If you’re participating in the #winterblues 3D modeling challenge (3D Modeling Challenges are HERE! - #55 by Caroline) and you want to share your model, feel free! We’re keeping track on 3D Warehouse, but you’re welcome to post it here to share with the community.

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unfortunately if I put it online I could not update it without deleting it

Not true. Make your modifications, save to your HD and re-post with the same information as before.

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I have a connection bug of the 3d warehouse via the sketchup application

So I upload my models via the site

You can still update an existing model by editing and upload a .SKP file via the site.

I take note thank you ^^
It will avoid me to always delete my model to put them online
but you can be more specific please, the computer and me…

Yep! On an existing file, click the “Edit” button (you have to be logged in and viewing your own file for this to be available):

Then click the “Upload a new file” button:

Boom! Updated SKP!

Now, we better get back to talking about the contest before @Caroline accuses me of hijacking this thread.


thank you^^, I feel a little idiot :sweat_smile:
Also in my model I have a little surprise for Caroline and Barry :wink:

I just finished my model ^^

@eneroth3 I think the SketchUp team created a new gallery thread not realising there was already another one in use here that had been opened earlier. They probably deleted and locked the new one so we don’t have two.