#Winterblues Your 3D Models

Keeping it simple :smiley:


nice, I really like this modern style

Looks nice with the render too :smiley:


Bordel,it’s amazing O.o

Uhh… I like the model… But I don’t know that it satisfies the “Beach House” theme of this gallery…

it is true that with the filters can make quite nice rendering

, it would be interesting to use them for the contest

Oh Just read the instructions! so so sorry, will remove

my model with this filter

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I see your 3d warehouse, you’re really good at modeling buildings

@RedC130 You should reverse these backfaces.

No need to remove! Just suggesting a few modifications before submitting it! :wink:

Why reverse?

You want to always present your model so that it renders as intended and so that it would 3dprint as expected if you wish to do that. When faces are reversed, models sometimes act finicky.

It is good form to ensure that the white side of a surface faces outward and the non visible blue side inward.

ha heu…I do not know too much at this level :sweat_smile:
but I will try

It will take you plenty of time do it now. From now on always remember to reverse them instantly :smiley:

not sure that my pc survives the operation :joy:

Just a sneak preview.


Also SketchUp Chis looks much happier to be at the beach:


I have trouble visualizing,there is another screen?

After hours of atrocious suffering


Lovely landscaping and water effects in the renders. The proportion of roof thickness to span is dubious though not absolutely impossible.

My broken record question: What renderer do you use?

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