#WinterBlues Finalists: Vote Now!


We’ve officially narrowed down the #winterblues 3D Modeling Challenge down from 73 entries to 5! Help us vote for a winner: https://goo.gl/SVWbBv

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Congratulations to those that made the finals. I’m I little bummed I didn’t make the final 5 and would like to know your criteria you used and where I placed in your selection?
I submitted Waverly Villa feel free to contact my email directly if you like to give me any constructive criticism.


Hi @zummallen! First off, thank you for submitting your model! We thought it was really great.

As for the models that were chosen, a group of SketchUp employees locked ourselves in a room and were not let out until we narrowed the 73 entries to only 5. It was not an easy task! Some of the things that we looked at were modeling practices, materials used, and file size/complexity.

I can’t say specifically why your or any other’s model did not make it into the finalists but know that narrowing down to only 5 was not easy. We do hope that you do vote for your favorite of the finalists and stay tuned for the next 3D Modeling Challenge.


Thank you for your response and for the time your team took to judge the models.
Still bummed, but I guess I used too many materials and it was too complex of a model.


A voté!
for the 2 :wink:


It was a really hard decision, but I voted for #4 (Winterblues Beach). Considering the theme, “Winter Blues”, the comical theme and vibrant colors were a great solution to winter blues. My vote for second place would be the beach in a bottle. It was so creative and well done. I also liked the Y-House because the interior looked like a fun skate park. Really, they’re all excellent models.


Congratulations to the 5 finalists! Excellent models!

I have explored every piece and I have put in my vote (but I won’t say it here). I chose it for its amazing level of detail-- door jambs, space under the doors, the general design itself, plus much more.

My submission didn’t make it and I realize I have a lot of stepping up to do (I just discovered Sandbox two days ago, haha), but I wouldn’t mind losing to these finalists.

Cheers to the finalists and everyone who participated!


Thanks to the Sketchup team !
I didn’t expect to be among the finalists. I’m only a Sketchup hobbyist for 6 years. Anyway, I’m happy.
I have seen marvelous models, very creative ideas. Thank you.
And good luck to the 4 other finalists !


Thank you very much. You understand what I mean as a solution to winterblues :))


I’ve only realized that my model was an absolute disgrace to this challenge. Although it was extremely reminiscent (in my eyes) of Maine’s summers, my favorite features of my hometown are not the most summery things, (one comment about SketchUp, it seems to be designed more for architects than hobbyists, or “railroad modelers”). One suggestion for the next 3D challenge is for something more industrial/infrastructural (i.e. highways, docks, parking garages, and my favorite :laughing: railroad yards, etc.) that sort of stuff! It would be interesting to see what people come up, with that one!


I really enjoyed this challenge guys, thanks for the time in putting it together. Would love some opinions on where I can improve my modelling for next time but understand you guys are busy and can’t be giving feedback to everyone that enters.

Looking forward to the next one!



I didn’t understand that the house was the main element…


So,that would’ve been nice to know from the start of the challenge…


Me too… :grinning:


We will both have to keep in mind that this was the first ever 3D challenge, and it was mainly a test run to see how things would go. I can’t wait for the next one :smile:


You’re right…


Yours was my favorite… besides my own of course which also didn’t get a nod unfortunately.


Thanks Man,
I thought your’s was pretty cool. Your post image looks great. It’s always nice to get validation from other people/peers. I hoped people enjoyed searching for the Easter eggs among the other things I did for the model, such as creating a layer to hide lines instead of physically hiding them, which make it easier to edit you model later.
In my line of work I don’t always have time for post production work so I try and make my models as complete and real as possible so they can be shown straight from SketchUp to the Client. The guys in the office encouraged me to try out for the competition since I use it a lot
In the end I figured I wouldn’t win, though I thought I might had a shot to make it close to the finals. It would be nice to know where ours placed in the rankings. Better luck to us next time.


You have a very fun looking model. Did you use an extension or how did you create the sun and airplane. Did you use the sandbox tools for them or soften edge tool.