And the winner of the #winterblues challenge is


And the winner is …

Beach in a Bottle by Vlooi B.! Excellent work on your model :slight_smile: We loved your creativity and your ability to think outside the box (or inside the bottle, in this case…)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. There were so many amazing entries and it was incredibly hard to choose the final five, let alone a winner! Our next challenge is coming soon (and it’s gonna be a “green” one :wink: ) Stay tuned!

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And the other 4 places?


Cool! Congrats to the winner and all runner-ups.


would you please 3-D print this!
You might have to make the bottle a cross-hatch like we used years ago with the ship-in-a-bottle in SLA models.

This is just FANTASTIC! – made my 109th day of January better.
(snowed last night again in Chicago)


can we have the result of the complete voting?

just login to JotForm and create a report of the vote, thx.


Congratulations to Vlooi B. A worthy Winner!

But I also would like to know the results of the top 5 voting.
I don’t want to be immodest, but my model was in the top 5 and I would like to know if I won a price? Till now I didn’t got any message about it. Thanks.


Hi @Peter_B! Congratulations on making it into the finals!

As much as we would like to offer rewards to all the finalists (or everyone who entered, for that matter), only the winner received prizes, this time around.


Hi Aaron, thanks for your fast reply.
Ok, Gotcha.


Are we going to get a break down of the votes for the top 5?


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