Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!


Gov. Kim, are you from Japan? Korea? I like the modeling in your upload.


@Bxsaldana I’m from the Philippines- Land of smiles and positive vibes :smiley:


Ok, very cool.


December 7th (deadline date for the challenge) is today! If you want to get an entry in for consideration, get your renderers running and upload to this topic.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Hey Aaron!
Am I mistaken to have thought the last date to submit an entry is the 7th?? (Today)
Caroline wrote:

  • SketchUp 3D Modeling Challenge starts on November 2, 2018 and runs through December 7, 2018

Stay tuned for the online poll after December 10, 2018.

Just checking to see if the date was changed and have longer to work on the models.
And don’t worry, yes, all PG rated


Yeah… sometimes numbers confuse me… thanks for the catch!


“* The model(s) must be completed, uploaded to 3D Warehouse, and submitted to the forum by December 7, 2018”

I thought by December 7 ment before, that’s why I submitted last night lol. Oh well time to fixed some render issues. haha my bad


Ha ha.
Now’s my chance to make it R rated. :hot_face:


Is that a Christmas tree hologram I see? Thanks for saving the trees. :space_invader:


never been there but hopefully someday!


Yup, enscape doesnt allow you to make materials both translucent and emmisive, but I was determined to do it with enscape. So it’s the best interpretation I could get before deciding I had spent enough time on it


I gotta check Enscape out now. Expensive?


45$ a month. I’m canceling my subscription when it’s up in 2 weeks. I’ll just pay month by month when I want it for projects like this.

But it’s a pbr engine that can run in real time side by side with sketchup. Which makes checking adjustments in lighting and textures take seconds instead of minutes. great alternative to vray and other rendering engines, although not quite photo realistic.

I do retail design for work and when I have only a couple days turn around time to render entire spaces its indispensable. Its turns a day or 2 of tweaking settings in vray into an hour or two and has saved my company hundreds of dollars in rendering farm fees. Like I said it’s not quite photo realistic, but our clients love it.

Plus you can fly around your model with an xbox controller while your tweaking settings and framing shots, it’s a small thing but I love it


Good to know. I’m doing the 100/year student lease for Vray. I’m sure someday I will use that too when I’m working.


They do have a 2 week free trial you can check out


I saw that too. Sooner than later I guess. I just purchased a year of Vray a few days ago. Maybe someday Sketchup can offer a rendering software as a prize too! Hah That would be intense.


…and the winner is…

@mihai.s with “Sea Shell Panorama”!!

While we enjoyed all of the entries, the undersea restaurant was set apart from the rest!

Great Job @mihai.s!!


Congrats @mihai.s !! The underwater scene was very inspirational. The modeling was superb as well. So professional. Well done!! The project was so good and this was well deserved!! Thanks for the inspiration! :+1: :clap:


Congrats mihai.s , looking forward for the next event :smiley:
Why can’t I mention him? :smiley:


Thank you, @Caroline , thank you, @TheOnlyAaron , and thanks to your colleagues! You have created an extraordinary program and the challanges you organize are a pleasure to participate in.

I am glad to have managed to transmit what I wanted and that you enjoyed my idea.

It has been a pleasure for me as well to create this project, snorkeling being one of my favorites ways to spend my free time. And that inspired me.

@Bxsaldana, @GovernorKim, thank you for your kind words!
Have a good day, community!

Mulțumesc, SketchUp!