SketchUp 0-60 Challenge Finalist!

:mega: Exciting Announcement! :rocket:

We’re thrilled to reveal the selected finalists for the SketchUp 0-60 Challenge! :tada:

:star2: Foveate
:star2: Loci
:star2: ScaffPlan
:star2: Modelizer
:star2: Skema.AI
:star2: Spacely AI
:star2: Surfaice
:star2: V-Quest

Congratulations to these innovative teams who together with SketchUp will help build the next big idea in AEC design and transform how architects, designers, and construction professionals work. :building_construction::hammer_and_wrench:

Don’t miss the opportunity to see these companies present their solutions at our demo day at 3D Basecamp at Dimensions this November 11-14 for more info please visit Overview | 3dbasecamp

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