#InsideWonderland Submissions


Have something to contribute to the #InsideWonderland modeling challenge? Post your entries (and only your entries) to this thread. Any other posts will be deleted.

Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!


#InsideWonderland My idea of a dream room has a view of an open landscape and just enough amenities to have a simple getaway from my urban environment.


Sea Shell Panorama
Underwater oasis for #insidewonderland #SketchUp 3D modeling challenge

… and with a 360 Panorama you’ll see the place, see the Panorama, and stay inside :wink:

Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!

I have a crazy week of tests ahead, so I decided to upload this model now instead of working on it a bit more. I was very inspired by this design challenge. For this room, I was influenced by the 6 years I spent living in East Asia. Design elements include:
Large scale train
Bed in elevated caboose
Personal ramen stand
Metro platform
Sake barrel display
Large dome skylights



Hi, it’s wonderland ship. Inspiration to create a model was novel “Alice in Wonderland” and my imagination.

Something happened but what …

Model link:


This is my Official Entry for the #insidewonderland Challenge.

The Slytherin Pad is a replica of the Slytherin Common House in Harry Potter, solely because I am a big fan of the movie series and because the sorting hat in a Harry Potter Website said i belong to the Slytherin House so–

Originally, I was to submit the entire model but I ended up only submitting only the living room because I thought it would be more safe given that the challenge required only ‘a room’, I built the entire model inside an old badminton court, techincally its inside a room. but I will only submit the Living Room :smiley:

So- I have the model in https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/79d057de-a53c-4c95-8849-4cded54a52de/SLYTHERIN-PAD-insidewonderland



Hope you like it, and I Hope I qualify for the challenge :smiley:


I’ve always wanted to live in a tower, high up. Also large couches, elevated bed, huge TV, and a room sized chess set. Thank you.

Roll up your sleeves… another 3D modeling challenge starts now!

Hello, My name Is Kyle

This is my entry to the #InsideWonderland Contest:

I modeled this from soup to nuts, nothing from the 3dWarehouse, except Chris, but seriously idk if that’s even where he lives. The guy is a renegade.

I rendered this using Enscape. I have fallen in love with its ease of use, speed and mildly cartoony aesthetic.

This has been a really fun learning process. I figured out SO MANY extensions, got my keyboard shortcutted to the nines and finally understand the real value of a byte.

I wholeheartedly hope that you guys enjoy my quirky retro-future world. I had a blast making it and hope you have a blast exploring it



P.S. This is my first time post in the forum, Hello Everybody! #HELLOWORLD