Bring This Bridge To Life

Hi there.

So I downloaded SketchUp Make because I wanted to contribute one model to the Google Earth. It’s a place that as a child I would visit every once and again (usually via boat outings with my dad) and I have some good memories here.

It is a bridge, and it can be viewed in Google Earth here: 46°18’59.80"N, 83°59’31.92"W

So far it’s going well. I’m crashing and bumping things and occasionally mangling the polygons and whatnot but there is net progress. I have the bridge’s 9 pillars placed and the box girders, and am now working on putting the drainage spouts along the sides…

I’m working from the Google Earth view, a Youtube video of the bridge and about half a dozen Flickr pictures to try to render this. My fear is that once it’s done I won’t be able to place terrain around it (the abutements are both mostly buried by dirt, sand, etc and I want to replicate this. I’m also nervous on how to place this on the water once it’s done.

Please wish me luck!

I’m so sorry to tell you this:

It would be nice to see your bridge in GE,
but alas it’s no longer possible to contribute…

Have a look at these threads:
3D models to Google Earth
Here are some other possibilities:
How to upload a model into Google Earth?

Sorry mate!

When did they make it so you couldn’t contribute to Google Earth anymore?

Since end of oct. 2014 ? ( 28th ?)

This really sticks in my craw.

Yes, I know…
I guess you are aware of the 3DWarehouse?

Hopefully you will put it there for others to see.
Sorry about your luck.

Google decided they no longer needed SketchUp and sold it to Trimble. The sale was announced in April of 2012.

You can still export a KMZ file of your bridge and view it locally on Google Earth.

Well, same concerns still apply I guess then.

Is there way to share a preview of what I’ve constructed so far?

You can make an image export direct from SketchUp. Use File>Export>2D…

Neat, I’ll give it a try.

This one gives a bit better perspective.

Good start. Keep plugging away.

Thank you. It’s labourous, but hey.

I really like this bridge.

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Quick question…

When it comes time to put in the concrete “edges” of the bridge; i.e. where the curb, handrailing and streetlight platforms go, is there a way to make it congruent with the edges of the girders throughout?


Look at the help files for the Follow Me tool.

I used that the other night when trying to get the curved girders to fill in as a shape. I fought with those for 3 and a half hours before finally “getting lucky” with that tool.

I will pore over the help files again.

Hi again, I’ve run into a difficulty that I am a bit stumped on.

I’m trying to draw the concrete topdeck for the bridge, and I wish to fill in the wireline image I drew, but it refuses to do so completely.

Can anyone advise what the error is? This is how it looks thus far:


Most like there’s a gap or the edges aren’t coplanar. You might find it easier to draw the profile on a larger rectangle and erase the outside. If you plan to run Follow Me to extend the bridge deck, you’ll need for the profile to be a single face anyway.

Thank you. I erased the wireframe model and came to the same conclusion.

Interestingly (and annoyingly) I was able to extend the deck some but found it was colliding with the girders. Turns out I drew multiple lines along the top edges of said girders and so it followed the wrong one! Gah.