The End Is Near

So, since the end of February I’ve been steadily working on my bridge model and I’m pleased to say that I’m nearing the end.

What are some final things I should do to optimize the model before disseminating it to the 3D warehouse? No doubt there’s some redundant geometry and other gremlins hiding in the box girders of the bridge…

Any advice?

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Hi @MikeO,

There are a few things you can do and this website enumerates a bunch of them: Making Great 3D Warehouse Models

I’d recommand you start with ThomThom’s CleanUp³ extension. It will help you find and get rid of stray edges, duplicate faces and and so on.

If you wish your model to be 3d-printable, it will also need to be considered as “solid” (that’s geometry-wise rather than structural-wise) and the SolidInspector² extension, (also by ThomThom) will be of great help in that regard.

Have fun!


One question.

Do I need to make the entire model a component?

Guess I need to flip a coin.


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