Modeling Tower Bridge Live in SketchUp

Join us at Noon (MT) today as we model Tower Bridge!

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This is in about a quarter of an hour, right?

Pedantic point: here in the UK it is just called Tower Bridge. No The. Not needed as everyone knows which one you mean!

About a quarter AND and hour from the time of this post.



Maybe we are on MST right now?

Daylight time hasn’t kicked in yet.

So the OP was misleading?

Sorry guys… that ones on me!

Just an idea but why not use GMT + or minus x hours. That way, there should be no confusion.

Not a lot of people will know this, but there are meeting rooms in the north tower. I went there once fo a couple of days of meetings. We did some parts inside the walkway at the top of the bridge.

You are in the Mountain time zone and the sun is up and there’s daylight so you aren’t wrong.

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How long ago? There’s public access now and some rather alarming large glass panels in the bridge floor. Also, an exhibition of the various other designs for the competition that led to the eventual design.

The walkway was public back then too. I can’t remember how long ago it was, but maybe 15 years.

Here’s a link from wikipedia. Image size is 15.2Kx7.6K

Here’s a big version of the profile view.



Get your Tower Bridge history at Wikiarquitectura

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Screenshot - 3_6_2020 , 2_06_49 PM