Sketchup Live Modeling Potluck (who knows what you will get)

Join us at Noon (MDT) today as we model … something…Yay!

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Space Camp Training Chair


The sun a bit closer to directly overhead. The vertical guideline is centered on the handwheel under the bed. Latitude set for the Tropic of Cancer or very close to it. Should be 23.4367°N

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I took my suggestion for the stream to heart and decided to challange myself by making a clipboard. It was harder than it looked, because I made it to scale and I had to force sketchup to make 1/32th inch faces. But I did it!
Total time: 80 minutes (60 to complete it, then another 20 minutes to fix what sketchup messed up when it said “There is something messed up in your model, would you like Sketchup to try and fix it?”)


Great job!!

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Thanks Aaron! <3 I think I’m gonna make it a bit neater and maybe put it in the Warehouse.
It’s been a long time since I put anything in the Warehouse, can you tell me again how to remove unused assets from a model? Materials and such?

Edit: NVM, I found what I was looking for in the Model Info. And congrats Aaron, I made it into a component…something I never do. ^u^

Do Jävlebocken!

It’s up in the Warehouse now. ^u^
Also, holy ■■■■, when did the 3D view window change?!?
The last time I uploaded a model was with Google Sketchup 7, the ‘3D’ view was just a low res isometric view of the model that you could only rotate left and right. NOW I can zoom in and pan and orbit like it’s sketchup itself!

Ha! Yeah, a lot has changed since then!

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