Urgent! please help! tomorrow is my deadline and my entire model is disappeared!

In a sudden, my model just gone disappear. It is only a line now. I tried unhide everything, checked model info, components, outliner all are still there. Please help, tomorrow is my deadline.

Could you share the SKP file so we might have a hope to help? As it is, there’s nothing to help you with.

Try shift z
If that doesn’t work can you attach the model or if bigger than 3mb upload to 3d warehouse and paste the link here.

Thanks for replying guys. Here is the link

I don’t see any link.

can u see now?

No link to the model.

enter link description here

Dave click the warehouse logo.

If you delete the last Group in the outliner, which is the massive line, you can hit zoom extents and eventually get to this.

I got it finally.

It looks to me as if there’s an awful lot of stuff a long way from the origin which is resulting in clipping.

Is that all? I had elevations in there

Here’s a version with the parts shown already by @Box, the file size is smaller, so there’s something missing I don’t find…

Final_2.zip (1.8 MB)

Your file is called final, so there’s a final-1 version? What did you do before this happened with this one?

Can u upload to version 13? It is only one “Final”

It’s V8 now.

Thanks for helping, Dave. Is it possible I can get back my elevations?

Is this the extent of the elevations?


Yes thank you. Anything else there?

I think this is all.