Urgent! please help! tomorrow is my deadline and my entire model is disappeared!

Thank you Shep. Can u send it back to me in version 13?

Haha You have managed to create a model 257 million light years in height. Well done. Fortunately, no data was lost.

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Here is link to the model. I had to delete 12 edges. Hope you don’t miss them.


Click the words “3D Warehouse”

thank you jim :smile:

No problem. But you also had some of the top SketchUp experts on the case.

Something further for you to consider: you can see in DaveR’s screenshot that you have the origins of many components located at a considerable distance from their contents. This will put you at risk of clipping and inference snap issues. At this point you have a lot of components, so it will be a pain to change the axes for all of them, especially if you are under a deadline. But for the future, it is something to bear in mind. Data imported from CAD is especially susceptible to coordinate origin issues in SketchUp.

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Thomthom has an extensin that resets axes: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse